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Works in Progress part one


I’m gonna cover my WIP’s that i have done for the quilting course i have been taking , It’s a book called Quilters Academy by Harriet and Carrie Hargrave. I am working my way through Volume One.  It is a fantastic book, and i have learned a ton of stuff and my piecing skills have improved so much since i started this course. 

so here is what i have done so far from the book: note that all of the quilt tops in the book so far do not have borders on them, that comes later in the lessons.

Quilt lessons from Quilters Academy

Winter Wonderland (Sundown)- Done , needs borders, quilting and binding.

Cowboy Corral   (Musical instruments)  needs borders, quilting and binding.

Triple Rail Fence ( Red, white and black) needs borders , quilting and binding

Log Cabin (green, blue and white)  needs borders, quilting and binding.

Class sampler-  lt pink and dk pink – parts 1 & 2 of 3 done.    

      My part one.

Part two in progress, these are my first 4 patch blocks , and they turned out close to perfect!!!

   my first fanning of the seams, man that is the best thing ever! It works slick as a whistle and the seams press nice and flat.  I could have done these all day they were so much fun to do.  when reading about it in the book, i couldnt quite wrap my head around how it work, but soon as i tried it …. well it was pretty much love at first sight LOL

    My four patch perfection as i like to call them.  seriously nothing i have done in quilting so far has turned out so well on the first go round.  I have gotten some pretty good matched seams etc but some of them are re-dos.

  this is what the sampler will look like when done, I thought about using white as the background but may try a dark burgundy or pale pink.

I have been enjoying quilting so much so far, even with some of the frustrations that go with learning a new skill, every mistake i make i learn from, well sometimes it takes a time or 2 before i ” get ” it but i am learning.  I get together with some friends once a week to quilt and gab and have a few laughs too and most of them have been quilting for many years and are also a wealth of information as well.  As well they are very supportive of everything i am doing too.

so next up in the class work is a table runner using 4 patch blocks to expand on what i just learned on the sampler. I have the fabric all ready to go.  the last few weeks the lessons have been more bookwork, learning how to calculate yardage, making mock ups of the pattern with either bits of the fabric or a colour photocopy of it. works great.

As well as doing the lessons from Quilters Academy i did some other things over the winter that i have been trying to get quilted and bound before i get to that part of the book.  so i will have some of those items to show you, as well as a couple of quilt tops i have just made on my own.  and also i have been doing a couple of Blocks of the Months as well , so those need to be shown off as well 🙂  As you can tell i am pretty much hooked on quilting!! 

Probably wont see anything till next week as dh and i are off to see his mom this long weekend. and going to see Beatlemania tomorrow night!!! pretty excited about that as i am a huge Beatles fan, especially my George, may he RIP! 




Triple Rail Fence quilt top finished! and more!


and i have also moved my blog to wordpress, I was fed up fighting with blogger all the time,took forever to move pictures around in there, and tonight after I lost about an hours work of typing, loading pictures and it wouldnt do anything i decided to go looking for a new home.
so this is a duplicate post and i will have to try and redo the new one tomorrow. 
Except for the borders that is… the book i am working through has us do all the borders at one time.  this is quilt top 3 from the book that i have made, also a sampler is in the works too from the book.

so i laid this quilt top out on my seriously unattactive basement floor, i really need to look for other places to photograph stuff like this!

 Heres a closeup, so you can get a look at the fabrics.

and of course here is a sideways pic of the quilt top.  I plan ( i think ) to do a narrow black(perhaps white) border and then a wider one with larger floral print.

So last summer on vacation, i bought to quilt kits from a quilt shop in Williams Lake, B.C. with the intention of making my 2 oldest granddaughters quilts for their 5th birthdays, one on Dec 21,2011 and the other Feb 13, 2012.
  and i got them both done.
the first one for Daphne is a ballerina theme, made of  4 large blocks and about 16 smaller blocks all with printed ballerina designs. the shop had also included co-ordinating ballerina fabric .  man what a pain!!!  the blocks werent printed on the straight of grain, and man i had someheadaches with it LOL  plus being a very beginner quilter, I am amazed it turned out so well.
DH and I took our other soon to be 5 year old granddaughter Venessa with us in early December to celebrate Daphnes birthday early. About a 5 to 6 hour drive away in winter conditions.

 As you can see by the smile on her face, Daphne really liked it!!  Thats Venessa hiding behind her fan!

My first time machine quilting, I did stars on the big corner blocks and a stipple design on the others, with a not so dense stippling on the border. I was in a time crunch and sewed the binding on by machine and i like how it looked. the whole quilt turned out okay for someone who really didnt have a clue  LOL sometimes ingnorance is bliss 🙂 she brought it with her when they came for christmas too so its getting well loved!
Venessas quilt for her birthday in Feb was a mermaid, theme, same idea , printed blocks, not square, swearing , ripping out etc. but perservered and got it finished in time for her birthday.  Sadly i didnt get a picture of her with it before they left in March to go back home to Manitoba. They had been here at my DIL’s parents while my son was doing a tour in Afghanistan from Oct to Mar. 
so here is is layed out on our bed, really pretty colours in this one love the deep pinks and tourquises.
I did spirals in the large printed blocks and stippling with variegated thread in the pieced blocks.
In the border i sort of did circular stippling around the circle design of the border fabric.  Venessa does really like it she told me !
Right before making these i did a flannel quilt from a kit from the same quilt shop ( i dropped a whack of cash there that day )
for Venessas baby brother who was born Dec 2 ( she also has a sister Ainsley, who will be 2 next aug)  It was very simple blocks and qulted on the diagonal by machine. The backing fabric my DIL picked out in Edmonton when we took my son there in Oct when he was deployed. 

 This is little Darrens quilt which was pretty much ready by the time he was born.

I also made this tablerunner for my MIL for christmas last year. made from moda coins, i dont know if thats the right word, they were precuts , 2 1/2 inches by 5 inches , just sewed together and stitched in the ditch . 
I also pieced these two table runners, before christmas , the brown one was machine quilted and binding finished about 3 weeks ago and lives on the coffee table, it was a quilt from a store in Jasper Alberta that i picked up about 2 years ago. 
 the yellow and blue one which was a kit put together by a quilt store here has the binding on but needs it to be hand sewn down, (that is a travel project for the upcoming long weekend)  I did a very simple machine quilting with my walking foot on the yellow and blue.  just kind of echoed one one side of each seam in the center and simple lines in the border.  I could sure tell that the piecing of these was done before i started learning properly how to piece.   YIKES !   and also the dark green in the brown runner was of course supposed to be down the middle  OOPsy!! 
The yellow and blue one is about 4 feet long and will be going on my dresser.
well thats it for now sports fans! hopefully tomorrow i will get up my WIP list.