Works in Progress – part 3


Hi Everyone, this should be the last sort of bulk update on my WIP’s   because as well as learning from the Quilters Academy book and doing a couple of blocks of the month i also have been doing some other stuff just on my own, I know what a rebel eh LOL

At christmas my one Grandaughter Venessa wanted to get me some fabric for christmas, so her and her mom went to Walmart and got me a jelly roll, a pack of springy coloured fat quarters, and a pack of 5 matching 1/2 yd flannel cuts. I know what you’re thinking……. WAL – MART. a few years ago it was a not bad place to get sort of every day sewing fabric but ours only precut bundles now. they are 100% cotten but lets just say probably not the best quality in the world by the look of them. But MY GRANDDAUGHTER picked them out just for me!  so i have to make something out of them. I havnt done anything with the flannel yet though.

so i did one of those jelly roll quilts where you sew them into one long length , cut off a bit to stagger the seams, and then bring the two ends together and sew together down the entire length, and keep repeating . You can see it on Youtube if you do a search for Jelly Roll race , some people do theirs in like an hour. took me the whole evening.  I just have the quilt top finished and am thinking about how i would like to quilt it, either in a meandering stipply thing or maybe echo the seam lines, not quite sure yet!

Out of the fat quarters Venessa got me  i made a table topper,  i have started marking this one for quilting, i have a simple four petal flower outline that fits nicely inthe center of the five blocks , i might just sort of expand the flower out in ever expanding rows , well perhaps 4 or 5 would be enough to fill the whole block and then something for the corners, still not sure about that.

 Gonna go down and finish marking the  quilting design on it right after posting this and i might get the actual quilting started tonight. I found some perfect thread to quilt it with yesterday, it has all the colours of the blocks in it and should look great.

I did this flannel quilt top with a mix of browns, yellows and blues in November and it needs to be quilted.  Its a hard thing to decide how to quilt something i’m finding.

This is my biggest quilt top so far, it is from the booklet called  “Turning Twenty” . I had gotten a bundle of fat quarters in Edmonton last October, all leaves, in golds, browns, reds, greens and they are just gorgeous. I had no idea what i would do with them when i got them but had to have them!!  I had to get some blenders and other prints that would work with them to make this and picked up most of them on a trip out to Vanderhoof with 3 of my quilting buddies!  we had such a good time, its so much fun to shop with friends isnt it? so here is hubby ( well i guess you cant see him ) holding the quilt top up in the backyard so i can get a picture. I think it turned out great and cant wait to get it quilted.

This is another version of the same quilt as above , only its made with 9 fat quarters.  i had picked up a hockey themed fat quarter bundle at a quilt show down the highway in Quesnel, B.C. in May.  i had to get a few more , which i snitched out of another larger bundle that i also had picked up at the same show.  It seemed plain to me after finishing piecing it and i went out and bought some hockey prints and cut out and appliqued on to some of the squares.  Havn’t even started to think about how to quilt this yet.


Here is a couple of closeups of the appliques.

It is a gorgeous summer day today and dh and i are going out to do a little geocaching this afternoon with a side trip into Fabricland 🙂





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