A Finish! ……or 3


I fnished my blue and yellow table runner finally ! washed it and took some snaps on the weekend …. so here it is!!


This is going to fit perfectly on my dresser and will go well with the blue ( uggggh! ) carpet thats in our bedroom.

   I chose to do  simple straight line quilting in the border and in the center i did an echo stitch about a quarter inch away from each seam.  Well i call it straight line quilting,  Hmmmmm i thought i was sewing straight all these years, but apparantly not  LOL

  A close up with a bit of the backing showing.  

One thing i did notice when quilting this was the difference in my piecing, pressing skills. they have improved greatly since i sewed this up last fall.  a lot of the seams on this are not exactly flat, and some are a bit off as far as matching corners !  But i like it and will always be able to look back and see how far i have improved in my quilting skills ( I hope!! )

I also finished the 4th set of blocks in the Bloggers Block of the Month  , dont even ask how i managed this ,  but the third set should have been november but mine were Marchs and now i did December instead of November…..  

 This is Pat Sloans design, her blog is called ‘the voice of Quilting’

And in the mail when i got home from work was block one in the 2012 Designer Mystery from the Fat Quarter Shop, very pretty fabrics for this one.  I think i am gonna like it 🙂    I finally found someone fairly close , just west of Grande Prairie AB a quilt store has an Easy Dresden ruler and since dh is up in that area this week he will pick it up  for me , so no snow!

thats it for today sports fans, i need to go “rest my eyes'” for a few minutes before going downstairs to start quilting my Spring Colours table cloth.   that really means a short nap! 



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  1. You are progressing along nicely. Just remember when you look at the first items you make, it is all a learning experience, and you are getting lots of experience!

    We are our own worse critics!

    Let me know how you like the Dresden ruler!

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