a Quick Drive by ….


Just a quick stop in  before heading for work. i finished quilting my spring table runner last night. I useda floral design where i had to “follow” the lines, yeah thats going to take some time to perfect!!  then there were these white triangle open areas that needed something. so i tried to use each of the 4 as a sort of doodle board and tried different free motion quilting techniques.

did some small flowers on vines in one, circles in another, stars and hearts, and swirls. They look horrible LOL  well the odd bit is fine i guess and i did feel like i was getting in the groove a few times and figuring out what i was doing.  but i consider it part of my learning curve and will bind it and use it!  and i will try not compare my circles to the ones i saw this morning, they were just perfect and sooooooo what i wanted but i just need to practise more!



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  1. Practice, practice, practice! i know that all too well. I am still practicing. Sometimes I am so intimidated when it comes to quilting the quilt.

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