Jelly Roll Frustrations


I have been trying to machine quilt the jelly roll quilt i made last january……. since monday of last week…….I have been having issues…… can you tell  LOL   I am quilting it with kind of a meandering swirl, loop thing!!   the strips run horizontal across the quilt and i decided to do each strip individually with overlaps on the strips on each side. Every thing went along pretty well the first few nights, but wasn’t getting much done. I am slow and at the time didnt have a good setup for machine quilting.  the usual stitch length issues that beginners have, the odd skipped stitch ( annoying)   and then thursday evening my needle seemed dull so i changed it. Yeah! nothing has worked since !!!!  If the bobbin thread got picked up by the top at all it would only be for a few stitches and then a giant skip would occur  Grrrrrrrr!!  I can handle a couple of longer stitches here and there but these were like an inch!!! so i tried many different sizes of needles, checked the internet machine quilting info for tips  , nothing seemed to work. i finally found a needle the same as the one i had changed out a Janome 11 blue tip.  Then it would sew along seemingly fine for a few inches and BAM! another giant miss!! the top thread would break at the needle too which is a giant PITA!  friday night same things going on, I had so many thread tails from my starts and stops it sure wasnt pretty!

saturday i cleaned up my sewing room and setup a larger table area for machine quilting YAAAY!  it still needs to be tweaked a bit but soooooo much better, the quilt moves so much easier.  i finally tried again yesterday afternoon and decided to change my thread. the tips i read on the internet suggest needles, thread and tension are the biggest culprits in the type of issues i was having.  I didnt want to change brand of thread in the middle but i wasnt getting very far. I had been using Gutermans 50 thread and switched to Aurofil 50 and BAM!! problem solved!!! Not one skipped stitch. I was off to the races and got more done in an hour or two than all the previous days combined. Its amazing what you can do when you are not stopping and starting, rethreading etc . I only have about 10 strips left to quilt ( this evening) all the thread tails have been hidden in the middle of the quilt and i cant wait to be done with this sucker LOL   I did find a quilting board where some people were having the same issues with the same thread so thats what made decide to try changing it. I dont know if it is the combination of fabric, batting , maybe machine etc that  caused problems . but clearly i am not the only one who has had issues with it.  I will try it again on a different project and see what happens before i give up , mainly cause i am somewhat stubborn  🙂 so looking forward to finishing the quilting on this one, and maybe doing a baby quilt before taking down my machine quilting setup ( more on that another day) and getting back to some piecing for a while.  

5 days and i am on holidays for2 weeks!!!!   yaaaaaaaaaay! i so need a break from work!

cheers for now, its gonna be another Blue Blazer here today!




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  1. Gutterman thread and Janome’s are notorious for not working together. When you change your needle, be sure to rethread your machine too.

    Do you pull your bobbin thread up to the top of the quilt, before you start quilting?


  2. Interesting info about Janomes and Guterman thread.! I have never been soo frustrated with my sewing machine, and after trying some different needles to no avail, i had a feeling it was the thread but didnt want to change midstream. I thought maybe i could tweak the setting to get the thread to work. But i changed it and you cant tell where the different thread is at all. I do always pull up my bobbin thread to the top unless i am starting out at the edge. I took some pics tonight but havnt got them downloaded to the computer yet. I planned on cutting out some jammies for my grandson Justins 4th birthday in Aug and when i looked down it said on the selvedge not suitable for childrens sleepwear. WTF!! pardon the language. so i have spent the my time trying to research fire retardent fabrics. cotten it seems ( and i did try it) will burn, polyester is slower to burn but will melt onto the skin. and who knows what a blend will do. and they have cotten treated with chemicals that could cause cancer and other lovely things, but i couldnt find a source for it anyways LOL so i am still not sure what i want to do, probably make it from cotten and tell Justins parents to keep him away from open flames!!! which they better be doing anyways!! thanks for the tips, talk to you soon!!

    • I think they print the warning on the fabric, to remove them from liability. Personally, I would prefer wearing cotton, over polyester or a blend. When I read that you hoped the parents would keep him away from open flames – I thought of and have him refrain from smoking in bed, an impossibility.

      I do burn tests on fabric that I am not sure of what the content is. I have been given lots of fabric scraps, and sometimes, you just can’t tell. Sometimes when ironing/pressing, i can smell the difference, and then I do a burn test to confirm. I have burned my finger quite badly by trying to blow out the burning poly blend, instead of putting it in a heavy pan to blow out. It blew onto my finger… and it doesn’t stop burning, the melting/burning fabric really hurts!

      As for the chemicals… I always prewash my fabrics in hot water, with a small quantity of detergent, and dry in the drier, with no fabric softener.

      I’m glad the information was helpful. I’m full of useless bits of information, and some usefull bits too. 😀

      Looking forward to seeing your pics!


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