I’ve been a busy girl!!!


I wish there was a way to get the paycheque without the work!!!  I can get so much done when not working LOL  I am on vacation this week and next.this week we are just around home doing a few odd jobs, a couple of day trips, coffee, lunch with friends before taking off for a week on sunday or monday. I still have managed to finish the following  2 pairs of jammies , the quilting on a baby quilt, and 2 blocks ! SWEET!!

  I got out the serger on monday and started with pj’s for my grandson Justin who will be 4 on the 12th of Aug . A pretty simple design these were done the same day! I think they will be a bit big for him even though they are a size 4, but hey he will grow!

  Ainsley, who will be 2 on the 17th of Aug is also getting a pair of fairly simple design jammies but the fabric is just so cute!  These would have been done monday but i couldnt find the white ribbing fabric i had for the neckband, so had to go and pick someup yesterday!  I like the pink better anyways!

I also finished quilting a flannel baby quilt, actually before i started on the jammies , as i had to dismantle my machine quilting setup so i could set up my serger!  

  this picture of the quilt is kinda wonky cause i took it on the horizontal and then flipped it to vertical , so it looks kinda weird but you get the idea of the design anyways.   i used an old flannel sheet as the batting, 2 layers, but i think one would have been enough, but next time i will know!

Each of the big square blocks is quilted with this moon and star motif. I got it out of Hari Walners book ( Continuous Line Quilting Designs )which i picked up at the library last week and i think i am going to buy a copy for myself. It has some really nice designs in it.  One of the things i like best is the enlargement and reduction chart.  If you want to go from a design in the book which is say 2 inches, it tells you what percentage to set the photocopier to get say a 4 inch, or 6 inch one.  that was very helpful for me as it saved multiple pages of unusable photocopies tryint to go from 2 ” to 8 ‘ for this quilt 🙂  I just love it and as soon as i saw it i knew it would be perfect. I cut out the photocopy and traced around it with my “Frixxion” pen, did the sewing , ironed the marks off!!  Love it!

I did free hand stars in the small square blocks, they turned out mostly okay, in the rectangular block i did kind of a meandering line, with little stars thrown in here and there. On the two narrow bands  i used a design from a book called Dot to Dot quilting ( also from the library) which apart from a few areas where i was less than steady  LOL  turned out fine. Overall i am pleased with this quilt. I had no issues with my machine, I used Aurifil thread and there was no skipping, shredding or anything and it was done very quickly. I think i would do 2 things differently though, one is only using one layer of flannel as a batting, and the other would be using a thicker thread for the quilting. The thread i used was a 50 weight and i think maybe a 40 or even 30 would show off the quilting more.

yesterday i set to work on the July blocks from the Craftsy block of the Month.  This month is Dresden plates, and uses the Easy Dresden ruler by Darlene Zimmerman. 

I looooooooooove this first block, I think it is my very favorite, even if i have said another is my favorite, I was lying!!  

  Here it is!!  I had no issues with this one, the Easy Dresden was a breeze to use and the sewing went without a hitch. I stitched the design onto my background fabric with a straight stitch very close to the edge.

                 The second block for the month, is called Modern Dresden fan and called for alternating backrgound fans with one other colour….. but i used two, just cause i could!  I dont like this one as much as the one above, i find it too thick. le t me try and explain. After sewing all the fans together and pressing, you take a background square and lay the circle of fans right sides together and sew around the circle using a quarter inch seam.  clip the curve and then turn it right side out through the hole in the middle of the pieced fans. press and then sew down on to another backround square and sew the middle circle onto that.  Basically 3 layers of fabric on the whole block. If I ever choose to another block of this design i would find a different way to sew it together.

so thats what i have been up to the last few days, I plan to get the binding sewn onto my jelly roll quilt and my spring sampler table topper today and who knows what after that!  we will see!

cheers for now






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