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yes its Saturday Afternoon Sewing!! last saturday that is. ( well actually two saturdays ago, the 18th) i got somewhat delayed in posting this LOL

I hit the road in the moring to head out to Vanderhoof (about 1 hour each way) as they were having a notions sale of 25 % off! so how could i not go LOL   I wanted to pick up the large square rule, 16 1/2 by 16 1/2 i think it is. Regular 39.99 so got it for about 10.00 bucks off, also picked up a few other little goodies.  And i couldnt not get some fabric, this time just for some pillow cases, I had made ones for my 3 oldest grandkids last christmas. The two girls got ones with froggies, little cute bugs and flowers. my grandson Justin got a little boy themed one, with camping stuff on it. They all liked them but my one granddaughter Venessa who is now 5 informed me through her mom last week that she wasnt crazy about the frogs and bugs  ! when i asked her mom if that was a hint she needed a new one with just flowers she said no , Venessa was using the pillow case but it was for “future reference”  LOL  so i picked up some nice fabric to make her a new one, and also some fabric to make Venessas little sister Ainsley ( who will be 2 years old tomorrow ) one as well. A good friend is having a birthday this coming weekend so i also picked  up some fabric to make her a set.  It was a nice morning for a drive, very sunny!

after putting away all my goodies i sat down to the sewing machine and got to work . first i sewed the three 1 1/2″ strips together and then cut into 3 1/2″  blocks, squared them all up and they were pretty good, i didnt have too much leftovers!

leftovers from squaring up the rail fence blocks!

next came the 4 patch blocks , first i sewed the two lengths of blue to two lengths of white and cut each one into 2 inch lengths.

sewing the strips for the 4 patch blocks

After sorting them into 2 piles with the colours alternating i set about chain piecing  them together.  nesting the seams and doing that little twist thing so the center of the seams on the back open up and lay flat!  I just love that, it just works so slick ( didnt take a picture though)

I got the four patch blocks all squared up and i noticed something, a lot of the edges of my seams look like this, with a little jog in them…

weird little jog in edge of block

 See what i mean?   any ideas what causes that ?   think i am cutting fairly acurately,  piecing seems to be okay , just can’t figure out what i am doing to cause this!

all ready to go!

then i laid out all the squares as per the diagram in the book and that s when i discovered just how long this thing was LOL  . so i shortened it by one and half pattern repeats and i like that size much better.  but i did have a bunch of blocks leftover…… what to do , what to do…. I decided to make a square table thing  .

Here is the runner all trimmed up. I like this one a lot and the two pieces will make a nice set .

and here is the square mat thing! 

so they have been tucked away with my other quilt tops from the book until we come to the border and quilting section.

I decided i am going to get caught up on the bloggers block of the month before the next block came out on the 25th of Aug. ( i did it but just havnt gotten pics yet. )  so give me a day or two.

Oh and here are a couple of snaps of the pillow cases i made for my friend Jude….. she liked them too! 🙂

All folded up nice!

thanks for dropping in!


Trying again.. to post that is!


Had some frustrating times over the last few days trying to post about the newest project i have been working on , and finished I might add!  Nothing worked , pictures couldnt be moved in the post, if I did i lost the caption and on and on it went!


so here goes again…….  My latest project from volume one of the Quilters Academy, is called Country Lanes Runner, here is a pic of it in the book.

Country Lanes runner by Carrie Hargreaves

Isn’t it  a pretty design? it combines the techniques i have learned so far. Rail Fence blocks, 4 patch blocks and plain blocks make it up. Its amazing before starting this book i could look at this and have not a clue on how it was constructed….. but now i can look at it and figure it out! Yeah that must mean i am making progress 🙂

I had the fabric chosen for this a few months ago and just realized when i stuck this pic in that i left one out of the picture!  ( smacks self on forehead)

my fabrics for Country Lanes… wait theres one missing!

I even made a mock up of the design ( one of our lessons in the book) to see if the fabrics would work well together !  I enjoyed making the  mock up, cutting up all the little pieces of fabric and glueing them on the paper, sort of like being back in Kindergarten!! LOL    I think learning to do a mockup of a design is a very useful tool to have on ones toolbelt and i am sure i will use it again many times. 

so this is my mock up …….. I liked how they looked together and decided to go ahead and use the fabrics as chosen!   

I got all the fabric cut into their strips one evening last week 

I needed to have 49 rail fence blocks, 18 4 patch blocks, and 36 plain blocks . the finished size of the blocks is 3 inches so all the plain blocks were cut 3 1/2 inches square ( 3 ” finished )  the rail fence blocks each had 3 strips cut 1 1/2″ wide  ( less the 1/4 ” seams gives a finished 3″ block)the 4 patches consisted of 2 strips cut 2″ wide, and after sewing  they would also finish to  3″ . (  2 +2 = 4″ less  4  1/4 ” seams = 3″ )cutting went well , no real problems , a couple of areas were a smidge to narrow so i didn’t use them and had to trim a couple of areas that were a bit too wide. I think cutting is one area i still need some work on, i dont know if its where i place the line of the ruler …. maybe i am just not consistent and meticulous enough yet!

All my lovely strips , waiting to be sewn!

I hit the sewing machine on saturday afternoon and made all the rail fence and 4 patch blocks, but will have to save that post (and the pictures) for another evening, maybe tomorrow?  as its getting late, the cats hungry , I am getting sleepy and have to get up for work early ** sigh** what was i thinking when i went back to work full time a year and a half ago (after not really working full time since 1978!!)  clearly i wasnt thinking that i would need my days free for quilting!  but on the other hand i wouldnt have been able to buy all this lovely fabric, rulers, gadgets and a new sewing machine with out working  LOL   I guess its just one of lifes double edged swords !

cheers till next time!


Finished! Finished! and Finished!


After 2 weeks of vacation it was back to work today! (insert sad face here… LOL! )  but i did managed to get some stuff finished off while off work. First of all i got the table topper that i call Spring Sampler all finished off and it is now sitting on my table!  It crunched up really nice after i washed it too, which i kind of like!

I took my jelly roll quilt with us last week while we went on a little vacation, and hand sewed the binding on .  it is now washed and has crunched ( i know thats not the right word but you probably know what i mean!) up nicely too.  I habn’t quite decided what i am doing with it but right now its in the living room so i can admire it!!

I also finished the January blocks from the Bloggers Block of the Month before we went away.  these ones are by John Adams of the blog “Quilt Dad”  These blocks were pretty easy for me to do and i like how they turned out!

I also got the November blocks done yesterday they are by Stephanie Dunphy of the blog “Loft Creations” these ones turned out quite nice I think.

As if i dont have enough BOMS on the go, I started another one that i discovered at the Fat Quarter shop.  The first block is called Laundry Days and was designed by Anne Sutton of Bunny Hill Designs.  i love the colours of this fabric.  I found this one came out a bit smaller than the 12 1/2 inches it should have. Not sure why?? my seams are all a scant 1/4 inches , so perhaps my cutting was a bit off, not sure.

Well off to bed, thanks for dropping by! see you soon.