Finished! Finished! and Finished!


After 2 weeks of vacation it was back to work today! (insert sad face here… LOL! )  but i did managed to get some stuff finished off while off work. First of all i got the table topper that i call Spring Sampler all finished off and it is now sitting on my table!  It crunched up really nice after i washed it too, which i kind of like!

I took my jelly roll quilt with us last week while we went on a little vacation, and hand sewed the binding on .  it is now washed and has crunched ( i know thats not the right word but you probably know what i mean!) up nicely too.  I habn’t quite decided what i am doing with it but right now its in the living room so i can admire it!!

I also finished the January blocks from the Bloggers Block of the Month before we went away.  these ones are by John Adams of the blog “Quilt Dad”  These blocks were pretty easy for me to do and i like how they turned out!

I also got the November blocks done yesterday they are by Stephanie Dunphy of the blog “Loft Creations” these ones turned out quite nice I think.

As if i dont have enough BOMS on the go, I started another one that i discovered at the Fat Quarter shop.  The first block is called Laundry Days and was designed by Anne Sutton of Bunny Hill Designs.  i love the colours of this fabric.  I found this one came out a bit smaller than the 12 1/2 inches it should have. Not sure why?? my seams are all a scant 1/4 inches , so perhaps my cutting was a bit off, not sure.

Well off to bed, thanks for dropping by! see you soon.


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  1. You have been quite the busy quilter!

    The scrunching, is known as “shrinkage”. LOL.

    What type of batting do you use? I have used 100% cotton, and love the way it shrinks and scrunches up! I don’t prewash my batting.

    I have a roll of bamboo batting. I love the feel and drape of it. I have several tops which need to be sandwich and quilted. Just not there yet.


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