Trying again.. to post that is!


Had some frustrating times over the last few days trying to post about the newest project i have been working on , and finished I might add!  Nothing worked , pictures couldnt be moved in the post, if I did i lost the caption and on and on it went!


so here goes again…….  My latest project from volume one of the Quilters Academy, is called Country Lanes Runner, here is a pic of it in the book.

Country Lanes runner by Carrie Hargreaves

Isn’t it  a pretty design? it combines the techniques i have learned so far. Rail Fence blocks, 4 patch blocks and plain blocks make it up. Its amazing before starting this book i could look at this and have not a clue on how it was constructed….. but now i can look at it and figure it out! Yeah that must mean i am making progress 🙂

I had the fabric chosen for this a few months ago and just realized when i stuck this pic in that i left one out of the picture!  ( smacks self on forehead)

my fabrics for Country Lanes… wait theres one missing!

I even made a mock up of the design ( one of our lessons in the book) to see if the fabrics would work well together !  I enjoyed making the  mock up, cutting up all the little pieces of fabric and glueing them on the paper, sort of like being back in Kindergarten!! LOL    I think learning to do a mockup of a design is a very useful tool to have on ones toolbelt and i am sure i will use it again many times. 

so this is my mock up …….. I liked how they looked together and decided to go ahead and use the fabrics as chosen!   

I got all the fabric cut into their strips one evening last week 

I needed to have 49 rail fence blocks, 18 4 patch blocks, and 36 plain blocks . the finished size of the blocks is 3 inches so all the plain blocks were cut 3 1/2 inches square ( 3 ” finished )  the rail fence blocks each had 3 strips cut 1 1/2″ wide  ( less the 1/4 ” seams gives a finished 3″ block)the 4 patches consisted of 2 strips cut 2″ wide, and after sewing  they would also finish to  3″ . (  2 +2 = 4″ less  4  1/4 ” seams = 3″ )cutting went well , no real problems , a couple of areas were a smidge to narrow so i didn’t use them and had to trim a couple of areas that were a bit too wide. I think cutting is one area i still need some work on, i dont know if its where i place the line of the ruler …. maybe i am just not consistent and meticulous enough yet!

All my lovely strips , waiting to be sewn!

I hit the sewing machine on saturday afternoon and made all the rail fence and 4 patch blocks, but will have to save that post (and the pictures) for another evening, maybe tomorrow?  as its getting late, the cats hungry , I am getting sleepy and have to get up for work early ** sigh** what was i thinking when i went back to work full time a year and a half ago (after not really working full time since 1978!!)  clearly i wasnt thinking that i would need my days free for quilting!  but on the other hand i wouldnt have been able to buy all this lovely fabric, rulers, gadgets and a new sewing machine with out working  LOL   I guess its just one of lifes double edged swords !

cheers till next time!



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  1. Your fabric choices for the table runner will look spectacular.

    You have joined the ranks of having to work to pay for our habit, I mean hobby.


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