yes its Saturday Afternoon Sewing!! last saturday that is. ( well actually two saturdays ago, the 18th) i got somewhat delayed in posting this LOL

I hit the road in the moring to head out to Vanderhoof (about 1 hour each way) as they were having a notions sale of 25 % off! so how could i not go LOL   I wanted to pick up the large square rule, 16 1/2 by 16 1/2 i think it is. Regular 39.99 so got it for about 10.00 bucks off, also picked up a few other little goodies.  And i couldnt not get some fabric, this time just for some pillow cases, I had made ones for my 3 oldest grandkids last christmas. The two girls got ones with froggies, little cute bugs and flowers. my grandson Justin got a little boy themed one, with camping stuff on it. They all liked them but my one granddaughter Venessa who is now 5 informed me through her mom last week that she wasnt crazy about the frogs and bugs  ! when i asked her mom if that was a hint she needed a new one with just flowers she said no , Venessa was using the pillow case but it was for “future reference”  LOL  so i picked up some nice fabric to make her a new one, and also some fabric to make Venessas little sister Ainsley ( who will be 2 years old tomorrow ) one as well. A good friend is having a birthday this coming weekend so i also picked  up some fabric to make her a set.  It was a nice morning for a drive, very sunny!

after putting away all my goodies i sat down to the sewing machine and got to work . first i sewed the three 1 1/2″ strips together and then cut into 3 1/2″  blocks, squared them all up and they were pretty good, i didnt have too much leftovers!

leftovers from squaring up the rail fence blocks!

next came the 4 patch blocks , first i sewed the two lengths of blue to two lengths of white and cut each one into 2 inch lengths.

sewing the strips for the 4 patch blocks

After sorting them into 2 piles with the colours alternating i set about chain piecing  them together.  nesting the seams and doing that little twist thing so the center of the seams on the back open up and lay flat!  I just love that, it just works so slick ( didnt take a picture though)

I got the four patch blocks all squared up and i noticed something, a lot of the edges of my seams look like this, with a little jog in them…

weird little jog in edge of block

 See what i mean?   any ideas what causes that ?   think i am cutting fairly acurately,  piecing seems to be okay , just can’t figure out what i am doing to cause this!

all ready to go!

then i laid out all the squares as per the diagram in the book and that s when i discovered just how long this thing was LOL  . so i shortened it by one and half pattern repeats and i like that size much better.  but i did have a bunch of blocks leftover…… what to do , what to do…. I decided to make a square table thing  .

Here is the runner all trimmed up. I like this one a lot and the two pieces will make a nice set .

and here is the square mat thing! 

so they have been tucked away with my other quilt tops from the book until we come to the border and quilting section.

I decided i am going to get caught up on the bloggers block of the month before the next block came out on the 25th of Aug. ( i did it but just havnt gotten pics yet. )  so give me a day or two.

Oh and here are a couple of snaps of the pillow cases i made for my friend Jude….. she liked them too! 🙂

All folded up nice!

thanks for dropping in!


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