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Some Septermber updates…


at least i hope so, 3rd time lucky right!  I have been starting to write this that many times and for some reason i cant add pictures, and really its all about the pictures LOL so trying again!!

 havnt been on here much lately but have been busy in the sewing room this month, made some clothes for one of the grandkids. and some quilting as well.. SMILE !

the bloggers block of the month is coming to an end soon, the last block was posted a few days ago. but i am allup to date and just need to sew up the final one.

The February block, which is here because i got horribly confused and didnt do things in chronological order. The block is by Amy Smart, Diary of a quilter,I used the same fabrics in this one, just for fun.

this is the April block, Amy Lobsiger from Mrs Schmenkman quilts is the designer.  I like this block, it was a bit of a challenge as its on point ( new scary for me), and triangles are still a bit of a stretch for me. but they turned out okay.

The May block is from Cathy Underhill of Cabbage Quilts. I like the one on the black background a lot, but not sure about the grey one. probably should have used some stronger colours on the small squares. In person it looks fine, but the bluish squares not showing up well in photo.

The june block by Pam Veira-Mcginnis of Pam Kitty Morning blog, is one of my favorites, didnt have too many issues with this one.

I bet you thought July would be in here right?  well apparantly i havn’t done it yet, ** sigh**  either that or i havnt taken a pic, will have to go check 🙂 ** checked, nope not done yet!! hope to take care of that over the weekend.

The August block, by Amy Ellis of Amys Creative side. not my favorite, had trouble keeping the colour placement straight, LOL.

I have been keeping up pretty well with the Craftsy BOM , although havnt done the september blocks yet, but they are all cut out ready to go.

Here are the Aug Craftsy blocks

I love these two!!!!  even in their beginner imperfectness i still love them.

I have also finished the 2nd and 3rd installments of the Designers BOM (fat quarter shop) no pics yet, so watch for those to show up soon.

so hopefully some pics will get taken and some blocks sewn this weekend and i can get some pics to share. and also i did a table runner top, and a quilt top from my Quilters Academy book this month.

thats it for now folks!



Still Here!


Although i havnt been doing much quilting, i have been sewing! making some stuff for one of my granddaughters and of course I havnt taken one picture of the 2 skirts, and 2 jumpers plus a skirt i made for her little sister. I am shipping it out to them today and it is all at work ready to go, ( i forgot one thing for the box yesterday)  I still have to finish a few things for some of the other grandkids too.  But i did finish one block last week, from the Designer Mystery block of the month, and i also am pretty much caught up on the Bloggers block of the month series too. I have some pictures of those but with sewing for grandkids and laying a new floor in our entryway last weekend…. well i havnt got around to posting anything yet!!! 

cheers for now as i am off to work 🙂