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Bloggers Quilt Festival


Well i decided to bite the bullet and do an entry …… I am a very new blogger and a fairly new quilter, started about a year ago i guess.

The quilt that i am entering is not a fantastic landscape masterpiece, or even a spectacular pieced star with all the points precisely matched. It is simply a jelly roll quilt, the third quilt i ever made.

The reason it is special to me and why i want to share it, is how i got the fabric. Last christmas my DIL was here in our city for 6 months with her 2 girls 4 and 15 months, she was also pregnant and had a boy on Dec 2nd . the reason she was here was my son was on deployment in Afghanistan. So we had 6 months with grand babies. 

Christmas morning i opened my gift from those 3 grand babies and inside was a bundle of flannel 1/2 yd pieces ., a pack of 5 spring coloured fat quarters and a jelly roll.  All  the fabric came from Wal Mart of all places and the quality is not the absolute highest. but i loved the gift nevetheless.  I searched a bit to find a pattern for the jelly roll and came across a video of the “jelly roll 500” on you tube and thought this is what i want to do.   A design simple enough for a beginner and yet would be quick to sew so i could show it off before the grandkids left .

I dont have any pictures of the wip , but it did take me about 4 hours or so to piece it together not the 30 minutes that some of the ladies in the video did!!  

I am learning to free motion quilt on my domestic sewing machine and just did an allover swirly thing. it is quilted quite densely and i would probably not do it that way now. but it is warm and on my bed even though it is only a throw size… keeps the tootsies extra warm!

 Here is the finished quilt . It really is nothing spectacular but it is my favorite!!! I love it because my 4 year old granddaughter picked the fabric just for me!

closeup of the quilting i did!

size is approximately 40 ” by 54 ”

quilted by me

best category is i think  the lap/throw quilt category.


and check out the bloggers quilt festival.

thanks to Amy for hosting the festival and for her help!! check out her blog too!


Bloggers blocks of the month are done!!


Yeah!!!  and as i had suspected, i had not sewn the July installment! (smacks self on forehead!!) but they are done now as is the Sept blocks.

so here are the July blocks, they were designed by Victoria Findlay Wolfe, her blog is Bumble Beans inc.

 I really like this block, although i did get a bit confused as in the directions it had you sew it with the middle block opposite to what it is in the picture. so thats how i sewed the grey and orange one, then at the end of the directions it showed it like it is in mine!!  so i went ahead and sewed the black one ( I like it better this way) and then i picked out the other one to re-sew…. well dam, i had no idea you could sew a block together so many ways that were WRONG!!!   Seriously i was ready to scream after about the 4th time!!  LOL  but in the end i won!!

the final block was designed by Jackie Kunkel of Canton Village Quiltworks, who was the organizer of the whole thing!!  and i absolutely love this block…. I think i might really like star blocks! 

 These went together pretty much without a hitch, and i loooooooove them both!!!

so i think we get the sashing, finishing directions later this month.  the only thing is ….. is that there are 26 blocks ( 13 if you only did one of each) not very conducive (sp?) to a quilt layout.

Here are all the blocks , just layed out on the floor randomly .. What do you think?

I guess my options are to make 4 more blocks ( not liking that one at the moment)also dont think i have enough of the prints to do more  and the other option i thought of is to put 2 blocks on the back, say one in the upper left corner and one in the lower right or perhaps in the middle. I think that is the way i am leaning right now and i would pick my two least favorites, which would be the 1 on the right side 3rd row from the top and the other would be on the 4th row from the top , 3rd from left.  so stay tuned to see how this one is supposed to be finished off.

also in september i put together this table runner, I just have the top done so far. The design is called Divided by Three . I had some oriental style fabric which was perfect for it and it was quick to sew up. I hope to get it quilted soon.

I had one other thing that put a big smile on my face today. I have been keeping my eyes open for a frame that will hold 5  4×6 in pictures . i have had one with all 4 of the grand kids when they were first born. then last dec we had a 5th grandchild and the hunt was on. I had decided on saturday that i would a 2 frame for one set of grandkids and a 3 frame for the other set.  Had one last look sunday at Michaels and lo and behold they had one. I got it today with a 50% off coupon, which was good cause it was $30.00 .   so now i have all five of the little sweeties in one frame on my living room wall…. wanna see?

so the top left is Justin, born Aug 2008

beneath  Justin is his older sister Daphne born Dec 2006

bottem left is Justin and Daphnes cousin Darren, born Dec 2011

top right is Darrens  sister, Venessa born Feb 2007 ( the lamp is reflecting in this pic a bit)

bottem right is his other sister Ainsley born Aug 2010

I just love being a grandma 🙂  and looking at their sweet little faces!!  sadly they dont live in the same town, Daphne and Justin are about a 6 hour drive away, which isnt too bad.  while Venessa, Ainsley and Darren are clear on the other side of the country 😦

anyways enough for tonight,  Roxy ( my cat ) is telling me its feeding time, which also means its almost my bedtime too!