Bloggers Quilt Festival


Well i decided to bite the bullet and do an entry …… I am a very new blogger and a fairly new quilter, started about a year ago i guess.

The quilt that i am entering is not a fantastic landscape masterpiece, or even a spectacular pieced star with all the points precisely matched. It is simply a jelly roll quilt, the third quilt i ever made.

The reason it is special to me and why i want to share it, is how i got the fabric. Last christmas my DIL was here in our city for 6 months with her 2 girls 4 and 15 months, she was also pregnant and had a boy on Dec 2nd . the reason she was here was my son was on deployment in Afghanistan. So we had 6 months with grand babies. 

Christmas morning i opened my gift from those 3 grand babies and inside was a bundle of flannel 1/2 yd pieces ., a pack of 5 spring coloured fat quarters and a jelly roll.  All  the fabric came from Wal Mart of all places and the quality is not the absolute highest. but i loved the gift nevetheless.  I searched a bit to find a pattern for the jelly roll and came across a video of the “jelly roll 500” on you tube and thought this is what i want to do.   A design simple enough for a beginner and yet would be quick to sew so i could show it off before the grandkids left .

I dont have any pictures of the wip , but it did take me about 4 hours or so to piece it together not the 30 minutes that some of the ladies in the video did!!  

I am learning to free motion quilt on my domestic sewing machine and just did an allover swirly thing. it is quilted quite densely and i would probably not do it that way now. but it is warm and on my bed even though it is only a throw size… keeps the tootsies extra warm!

 Here is the finished quilt . It really is nothing spectacular but it is my favorite!!! I love it because my 4 year old granddaughter picked the fabric just for me!

closeup of the quilting i did!

size is approximately 40 ” by 54 ”

quilted by me

best category is i think  the lap/throw quilt category.


and check out the bloggers quilt festival.

thanks to Amy for hosting the festival and for her help!! check out her blog too!


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  1. Don’t discount this lovely quilt. It is spectacular because it has a special memory. That’s as good as it gets! I hope daughter’s husband made it home safe and remains so.

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