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More finishes from my sewing room!


In my last post i mentioned i had also made another baby quilt but had not yet taken a pic of it. the pattern is from Moda bake shop and has  simple wavy quilting done with a walking foot. The pattern is called ‘Line Dance’ and is from Kathy Mack at Pink Chalk Fabrics. It was super quick, easy and fun to sew up.

heres a closeup

it uses a pack of charm squares, and i cannot remember the name of line 😦

that i used, but its realy cute with the owls, firetrucks etc, perfect for a little boy.

A couple of weeks ago i took 3 days off work so i had a 5 day weekend (then worked 2 days and had a 3 day weekend) can you say score!!

I spent a lot of the time in my sewing room making gifts for grandkids,friends and myself!

i made my soon to be year old grandson a quilted book for christmas and jammies for his birthday.

I also made my oldest granddaughter , who will be 6 in Dec a nightgown for her birthday. she will love the tinkerbell fabric and i think i have enough to make a nightgown for my next oldest granddaughter who will be 6 in Feb one also.

then i made my 2 yo granddaughter a pony, yes its called Pippi the pony, pattern is by Melly and Me.

and i think my little horsey crazy girl will love it.

Isn’t she just adorable!!! I love her and wish i could see Ainsleys face when she opens her gift christmas morning.

 I also got these 4 placemats quilted for me, they are just panels but i have had them forever and will finally get to use them this year.  Just needs the binding.

I pieced a pillow top for my oldest son.  It’s from a blog, that i cannot remember the name of now, but the design is called

Scythe. my son and i are big Blackadder fans and there is a line about Scythes in one of the episodes and he and i always quote it to each other , so when i saw this i knew i had to make it for him. when i figure out who designed it i will get her credit on here .

I got 4 more placemats pieced on my mini vacation as well, they are for a good friend for christmas. the pattern is called Take four.

It uses four fat quarters for four placemats, sort of a stack and whack technique.

so they are all the same design but with the colours shifted around in each one. i quilted it with an allover stipple and the bindings are on and are my handsewing project on my lunch hour at work.  will post a pic of the 4 when they are all done.

the scythe pillow is all quilted too, just did vertical lines  about 3/4″ apart

well i think that sort of gets me up to date . and now i can try talking about the process a bit more instead of just showing the finished projects.

all part of my learning curve i think.  till next time!



What i have been up to in my sewing room!


So first of all thank’s for the nice comments about my little jelly roll quilt that i entered in the Bloggers Quilt Festival , It didn’t win any prizes but i still love it and it still keeps me warm at night so all is well!  That post sort of helped me take the first step in getting my blog out there!  I like the idea of doing one but not sure if i really want anyone to read it LOL 

Update of the bloggers BOM , the setting is diaganol with sashing , so that would mean i only have to lose one block to the back, ( i think) but that will not happen until after christmas I am pretty sure. I did pick up some medium lavender/violet for the sashing which looks quite nice.

On my Craftsy Block of the month  blocks , they too are finished.  Here are 3 of the last 4, somehow missed taking a pic of the second drunkards path block.

You may or may not be able to tell i totally ran out of background fabric.  I looked everywhere here in town, took a trip to Vanderhoof nothing,nada, zip! so a friend had one pretty much the same exact colour but with a different design she gave it to me , i had to use it all in the first paper pieced block and use bits of both my original and the new stuff in the flying geese one. I am not sure how i managed to run out i am sure i bought what the class materials list said, plus a bit. But it was almost a year ago that i bought it so i am not really surprised i cant remember!  The curved piecing wasn’t quite as difficult as i had expected and my curved seams generally turned out okay. but some of the blocks were a bit off on the sides and had to be trimmed. but i expect that is all part of the learning curve i am on.

so here are all of the blocks laid out on the floor. you can see the second drunkards path block down on the bottem row 2nd block from the left. 

I will need to find a fabric for the sashing ** sigh** but i will let that go for a bit while i work on Christmas stuff.  But the best thing about these blocks . Craftsy has Leah Day teaching a free motion class called Quilt a Sampler Quilt, which i signed up for 50% off a couple of weeks ago. And she is using Amy Gibsons BOM course from this year so i will learn all kinds of different designs. I have already watched several lessons and learned a lot and stipple quilted 8 placemats ( more on those in a few days) so it is all i can do not to quickly get these blocks sewn together and try all these wonderful free motion designs.

Now one thing that i got pieced together probably back in aug or sept was a quilt top from my Quilters Academy lessons. It is one of my favorites so far, because i loooooove sunflowers and really like the colours in this.  ONe of the problems i had with piecing this and following the directions was that even though i thought i was doing it as explained i kept getting seams that wouldn’t butt up against each other properly. Very frustrating and much visiting with the grim ripper. but in the end it worked out and i am pleased. There is a larger version of the same quilt in the book as an extra to do and i have the fabrics to make it as well. I think i need the practice, mainly following directions i think 🙂

What do you think of the fabric choices i made?   I still struggle a bit when i go to pick fabric out, but it is getting easier. I generally go with my gut and sometimes if i only need a small amount and cant make up my mind i will get 2 bits and choose when i get home and try things out.  I dont have a huge stash yet so it is also a way to build some different fabrics in to it.

I have also recently made 2 baby quilts, one of which i havn’t gotten pics of yet so a few days before i can post pics of that one. but i can share the first one i did. I made it with leftover strips from a jelly roll that i made one of my granddaughters a skirt out of for christmas last year. the pattern was sent to me by Carla of Grace and Favour blog.  She has some gorgeous quilts on her blog and her baby quilt won  a first prize in the Bloggers Quilt Festival. 

the front and below is the back of the quilt. I should have had enough of the pieced jelly roll strips to bind it with but didn’t so i used white with a narrow band of the mint green.

this is my first pieced back !  I machine quilted it horizontaly with lines about 1/4 inch into the white fabric from each coloured stripe and then vertically did random spaced lines. I love how it turned out. a very good friend’s daughter is having twins early next year and i would like to have 2 girly and 2 boy style quilts made. 

well that is enough for me tonight , i need to go sew the ears on a horse for my granddaughter! 

cheers for now.