More finishes from my sewing room!


In my last post i mentioned i had also made another baby quilt but had not yet taken a pic of it. the pattern is from Moda bake shop and has  simple wavy quilting done with a walking foot. The pattern is called ‘Line Dance’ and is from Kathy Mack at Pink Chalk Fabrics. It was super quick, easy and fun to sew up.

heres a closeup

it uses a pack of charm squares, and i cannot remember the name of line 😦

that i used, but its realy cute with the owls, firetrucks etc, perfect for a little boy.

A couple of weeks ago i took 3 days off work so i had a 5 day weekend (then worked 2 days and had a 3 day weekend) can you say score!!

I spent a lot of the time in my sewing room making gifts for grandkids,friends and myself!

i made my soon to be year old grandson a quilted book for christmas and jammies for his birthday.

I also made my oldest granddaughter , who will be 6 in Dec a nightgown for her birthday. she will love the tinkerbell fabric and i think i have enough to make a nightgown for my next oldest granddaughter who will be 6 in Feb one also.

then i made my 2 yo granddaughter a pony, yes its called Pippi the pony, pattern is by Melly and Me.

and i think my little horsey crazy girl will love it.

Isn’t she just adorable!!! I love her and wish i could see Ainsleys face when she opens her gift christmas morning.

 I also got these 4 placemats quilted for me, they are just panels but i have had them forever and will finally get to use them this year.  Just needs the binding.

I pieced a pillow top for my oldest son.  It’s from a blog, that i cannot remember the name of now, but the design is called

Scythe. my son and i are big Blackadder fans and there is a line about Scythes in one of the episodes and he and i always quote it to each other , so when i saw this i knew i had to make it for him. when i figure out who designed it i will get her credit on here .

I got 4 more placemats pieced on my mini vacation as well, they are for a good friend for christmas. the pattern is called Take four.

It uses four fat quarters for four placemats, sort of a stack and whack technique.

so they are all the same design but with the colours shifted around in each one. i quilted it with an allover stipple and the bindings are on and are my handsewing project on my lunch hour at work.  will post a pic of the 4 when they are all done.

the scythe pillow is all quilted too, just did vertical lines  about 3/4″ apart

well i think that sort of gets me up to date . and now i can try talking about the process a bit more instead of just showing the finished projects.

all part of my learning curve i think.  till next time!



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