A Whole New Year!!!


Happy New Year!!! Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! DH and I , spent a fairly quiet holiday at home. Our oldest son and his partner were here and we had a great time drinking wine, eating, drinking wine, playing games, drinking more wine LOL
Back to work this past wednesday and on thursday went home early with a stomach bug! spent the afternoon either in bed or on the couch napping. Went in this morning but only made it until noon…… stomach is feeling more normal now and i might just go down and do some sewing.

So did you make any New Years Resolutions? Among the usual for me, eat less, move more…. are organizing my digital photos into some kind system where i can find them when I need them! and to blog about quilting on a more regular basis! I set myself a goal of at least one post a week… should be doable.

Currently working on a quilt top from Quilters Academy Vol One by Harriet and Carrie Hargrave . It’s called Asian Nights and is part of Class 150, lesson 7. Basically 4 patch quilts which i have enjoyed immensely especially learning the trick to fan the seams on the back of the 4 patch blocks.

there are 2 projects to work through in this class as well as the sampler we are making. You learn how to make a 4 patch for the sampler and then carry on to make a couple of other projects using 4 patches.

I did a runner called Country Lanes



and a tablecloth (Town Square)  so far.



Asian Nights is the same design as the tablecloth above but larger. It is an optional project and i decided to do it because i did have some issues with my seams on this one. According to the directions in the book, all my seams should have ended up butting together perfectly for this design and well they didn’t…….. so i had to do some fiddling and repressing etc to get it together. Not sure exactly where i went wrong but am planning on following the steps very carefully, even though i thought i did before 🙂   and i guess we will see what happens.

I am using 2 shades of grey, with a very dark charcoal grey and a med green for this design and have cut all the strips, after figuring out myself how many to cut… that took  a while let me tell you. Math is not my strong suit alas! and i did make an error cutting the 1 1/2 ” strips for the small 4 patches, I needed to cut 7 strips of each colour for block A and 7 each for block B.  I had only cut 6 each and was in danger of running out of the green fabric but am pretty sure i am okay now.  Got a bunch of the strips sewn together and sewn into 4 patches on wed evening but haven’t made it downstairs to the sewing room since then.

The original Town Square called for 8 each of Blocks A & B , Asian Nights calls for 24 of each  going to be one of the bigger quilt tops i have made so far!

Also on the charts to get sewn this month are: A nightie for one of my granddaughters for her birthday in Feb and also a  cover for her (parents) dining room table to turn it into a play house! should be interesting fun!

I should have some pics of Asian Nights for the next post so stay tuned and thanks for dropping in!





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