Asian Nights: Block A…….


Or as i am calling this quilt now, “Shades of Grey”    I  was going to call it 5o shades of grey but didn’t think there were that many shades! This quilt only uses 4 different fabrics and here are mine, I really love the green i got for this quilt.


I got busy on wednesday last  week and did most of  the small 4 patches, there are 4 in each of the 24 blocks……. seems like sooooo many , well 96 to be exact! they didn’t really take too long. I did have to cut one more strip of the green and med grey to get enough units to make the patches. In fact i thought i might run out of the green but thankfully i didn’t.  Saturday morning i really got going and finished up all the 4 patches for block A.

pats pictures afghanistan 355

Next each of these 2 1/2 inch blocks is sewn onto strip of the med grey fabric which is cut 21/2 inches wide and then they are cut and squared up so you end up with units like this.

pats pictures afghanistan 359

there are 2 in each block, for a total of 48 , all sewn together before i noticed the error……. Do you see it?  The green is supposed to be running diagonally in a line through the middle!!!  I don’t know how i missed it ! I spent a quiet 90 minutes watching a british murder mystery with dh while unpicking all 48 units and pinning them back together ready to be sewn up properly .

All pinned ready to be sewn correctly!!

All pinned ready to be sewn correctly!!

Sunday I got back to it with the intention of getting all the block A’s done .  Everything went pretty well I paid very close attention to the pressing directions in the book and all the seams were butting up properly for the most part. I did have a couple that although they were pressed the correct ways the alignment was off a bit so i un sewed them and re did them so the seams matched up and everything was hunky dory.  I did need to cut one more strip of the light grey and charcoal to make the larger 4 patch blocks in block A. Not sure where i went wrong but at least i had enough fabric.  I didn’ t quite get them all done on sunday evening.  Still had about 10 to finish sewing up when i had to end for the evening and head  to bed.After the movie ended I went down to the sewing room and sewed them all back together the correct way and then called it a night!

I am loving how they are looking…..


I did have some help in my sewing room on sunday . My cat Roxy hung out in the sewing room with me but it didn’t taker her long to reveal why she was there!…. everytime i got up from my chair at the sewing maching to go press and trim , Roxy would jump up on my chair, curl up and start snoring!!

Roxy  making sure its safe to take over the chair!

Roxy making sure its safe to take over the chair!

Doesn't take her long to get comfy!!

Doesn’t take her long to get comfy!!

I got all of the 24 blocks finished up monday evening after work!

24 Block A's

24 Block A’s

What have I learned from doing these first 24 blocks? and how will I apply that to making 24 Block B’s?

1) I must be more careful with pressing strips, especially the narrow ones. the strips for the small 4 patchs are cut 1 1/2″ wide and then sewn together, they seemed to get a bit curvy here and there . Will have to watch that!

2) follow the pressing guide given in the lesson!  I had no problems on Block A, and will follow again for Block B.

3) I must pay extra attention to sew the small 4 patch/plain square units together!  check them out before sewing and pressing.

4) make sure i am using the same side of the line on my ruler when cutting strips/or trimming blocks.

5) take extra care to keep seams straight at the beginning and end of a row of stitching. I had a few areas on the odd block that were a bit smaller than they should have been IE: when squaring up the block a small bit, usually on the corner that were not out to the line on the ruler.  never a huge amount. and i tried to make sure i compensated for that on the next seam.  But i need to be more careful to avoid things like that.

6) Slow Down! this is my hobby , and i am not in a race!!

Before heading down to the sewing room this evening i would like to share a couple of pics of my oldest son Andrew with the pillow i made him for Christmas. It is called “Scythe Pillow” designed by Katy of  I’m a Ginger Monkey.  When i first saw the name for the design i knew i had to make it for him. We both love the british series “Blackadder” starring Rowan Atkinson and there is a line in one of the episodes that refers to a scythe and we both quote that a lot when we get together.  So it was perfect, he laughed a lot when i told him the name of the design and  knew why i had chosen it for him!

pats pictures afghanistan 349



Thanks for dropping by!

Vicki B.


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