Shades of Grey…… update.


I have havn’t had a particularly productive week in the sewing room. But I have made some progress… let me recap a bit.
Tuesday evening I sewed the 1 1/2″ strips of light grey and green together , pressed and then started cutting 1 1/2″ segments from the sewn strips. I needed 192 for block B…. A very daunting number indeed when just getting going LOL I had calculated I needed 7 strip sets for the small 4 patch blocks so wasn’t i surprised when i had cut all 7 strip sets and only had 189 segments!!
and virtually NO green left either. First i figured out how to get 3 more segments out of the leftover bit of green from when i had straightened it and aligned the grain. Most of it was too narrow but there was enough to do 3 more !! YAY!!!
Then i was left to ponder how this could happen,…… the wheels turned and turned and i finally figured out I only got 27 segments per strip set NOT the 28 as described in the book. Of course Harriet does tell you to measure your fabric and figure out what your actual usable width is after cutting off the selvedge. Calculating with a usable 42″ width you could get 28 segments per strip and would need 6.8 strip sets, rounded up to 7. Based on my actual usable fabric and only getting 27 segments per strip set , i would need 7.1 ! So theres a tip for the day!!! Follow the damn directions and measure your fabric so you will have the correct amount of strips that you need ūüôā
I remembered that the green seemed to be narrower than the greys when i was sewing strips together ….. so mystery solved, lesson learned. I hope!

Didnt’ get any sewing done wednesday as i spent quite a while shoveling the 8 ¬† million feet ¬†¬†inches of snow that had fallen tuesday night and all day wed. ¬†It always happens when dh is out of town. ¬†Yeah so I hit the tub afterwards and then watched some Downton Abbey instead.

Thursday night i finished sewing all the small 4 patches for Block B and trimmed and pressed them as well ! I ¬†had 6 where the centers did not match up so i redid those. Not too many other issues, was more conscious of how i was pressing, and don’t have as many blocks with a bit of wonkiness on the edges. And by wonkiness i mean edges that are a bit uneven especially near the seam, one colour might be a bit narrower than the other.

I will have to figure out what is causing that and try to correct it…. all part of the learning curve i guess !

I have been stressing out about a couple of things recently, I need to make a couple of baby quilts.

I have a friend whos daughter is expecting twins¬†in the next 3 months. I ¬†have already done a boy theme one and also a girl theme. but obviously she could have 2 of each . But i also¬†really , really¬†want to get Vol 1 of Quilters Academy done as i started about 10 months ago. I needed to figure out a way to do both! And I did ¬†ūüôā ¬†What i will do is to adapt the next 2 quilt projects in Quilters Academy to be baby quilts, I have fabric picked out already for the quilts in the book but i can use it for something else . this way I ¬†can sort of kill two birds with one stone, as it were! Or I could even go back and do one of the earlier quilts in the book, just resize and use baby appropriate fabric, that is cute fabric. ¬†Might be good for my learning curve too!

And I feel somewhat lighter for having made that decision!!  Now to just get shades of grey done, then make a nightie for one of my granddaughters 6th birthday in february and then on to the next project in my lessons.

Oh and it was about   -18.5C  last time i checked the outside temp, maybe an hour or so ago!  so no new snow !!! Just COLD !!

Off to the sewing room!




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