Shades of Grey…. done!


Yes i finished it a week ago! just havn’t had time to get some pics done and posted. but that is what is on the agenda this evening!
I went over some issues i was having when i made block A and here is how things worked out when sewing Block B.
1) I must be more careful with pressing strips, especially the narrow ones. the strips for the small 4 patchs are cut 1 1/2″ wide and then sewn together, they seemed to get a bit curvy here and there . Will have to watch that! less of an issue on the second set of blocks, still a few wonky bits here and there, but overall an improvement.

2) follow the pressing guide given in the lesson! I had no problems on Block A, and will follow again for Block B. managed not to have any huge issues with this, if i had one the wrong way when piecing things together i was generally able to repress in the opposite direction. I did piece all the larger 4 patches together incorrectly and they had to be un picked and resewn!

3) I must pay extra attention to sew the small 4 patch/plain square units together! check them out before sewing and pressing.
Much much better, they didnt seem to be sewn on at angle this time , and i left a little more room between blocks while sewing them to the strips.
4) make sure i am using the same side of the line on my ruler when cutting strips/or trimming blocks. I think i am cutting things properly but a few segments were a bit dodgy size wise, that is mostly a bit small , usually near the ends or beginnings of seams…. Not sure what I am doing there but will keep an eye open for it and try to resolve what it is.

5) take extra care to keep seams straight at the beginning and end of a row of stitching. I had a few areas on the odd block that were a bit smaller than they should have been IE: when squaring up the block a small bit, usually on the corner that were not out to the line on the ruler. never a huge amount. and i tried to make sure i compensated for that on the next seam. But i need to be more careful to avoid things like that.

6) Slow Down! this is my hobby , and i am not in a race!! this is a hard one to do especially when getting near the end of a project! LOL  a person just wants to keep working and get er done!

I did get a few pics of the blocks in progress..

DSC_0631 Sewing the small 4 patches to the 2 1/2″ strips to create

these units.


Below is the picture from the book on which way to press the seams on these units and then sew together.


I finally hung a sheet up in the spare room downstairs , as a design wall! I knew i would need it for laying out all of these blocks and make sure i had it right.   when i had all 48 blocks done i put them up on the wall , first the way the quilt is  in the book with the light colour in the center..


Nice, but i wanted to see how it looked with the darker grey in the middle….


Sooooooo, which one did i pick ? I’ll get to that in a minute.

I had to be really careful when sewing the blocks together so i wouldn’t mess up the layout.  so i sewed 4 blocks together ,


and ended up with 4 rows of three larger blocks. that was monday evening of last week when i started those and i only got 7 large blocks done that evening* sigh*  I wanted to be finished  🙂  this is where i had the most problems with the seams being the wrong direction and having to repress, but didnt have to re-do any seams.

Tuesday evening after work, supper etc i got back at it thinking i might not get done that evening either  as it took so long to get 7 large blocks done the night before.  But it went very quickly , the bottem half of the quilt top had more seams pressed properly and butted up against each other very nicely, not sure why that was. but less time spent at the ironing board and i guess i just got into a rythm and things went along quite nicely!


When all 4 rows of the large blocks were done then i sewed the 1st and 2nd row  together and the 3rd and 4th row together and finally the last seam was done about 10:15 sewing the 2 halves together!  I usually make myself stop at 10:00 on work nights so i can get to bed as 6:00 am comes pretty quick. but at 10:00 i was so close to being done i just couldn’t quit.  I knew i was getting low on bobbin thread when i was ready to start the last seam and i decided i should just have enough to finish before running out….. but sadly I ran out 4″ from the end of the seam! Yes ! I really did LOL

so here it is hanging back up on the design wall and you can see that i went with the dark center, I just liked it best for some reason.


Shades of Grey
finished Jan 15/13

closeup of the center area


I had to do very little easing in on this one, all the blocks were pretty darn close to being exactly the right size.  that made me pleased. On the small version of this one that i did, I remember having to unpick a few seams and resewing them either a bit wider or narrower to make them fit nicely with the neighbors!

Up next is Class 160 which has us learning to do 9 patches among other things as well.  And i have started a baby quilt ( none of the next class projects really worked for me as a baby quilt) so I am doing a little trip around the world.  I will have some pics of that in my next post and fabrics that are picked out for the next class project.




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  1. Looks great. The limited colour palette you have chosen works so well. My problem is I tend to get bored and go grabbing more and more fabrics from my stash. Will try to take some inspiration from your lovely work.

    • thank you! I love these colours and my husband said he likes them too. sometimes less is more isn’t it? Right now I am following the instructions in the book as far as how many colours to choose which i find makes fabric selection a bit easier at this point. but i agree sometimes it’s hard not to grab more fabric 🙂

  2. Vicki,
    Your quilts look great! I love the fabrics you’ve been choosing for the projects. Even your rail fence has wonderful fabrics, even if they weren’t perfect for making the rails stand out as nice. I really like the Cowboy Corral fabric choices. And, I didn’t even think to consider the Patriotic Log cabin in anything other than Red, White and Blue. haha. Must be my American bias?? Your greens are great! I’m going to spend some time checking out your posts because I can see you’ve addressed challenges that I’d like to remedy before I need to come looking for solutions 🙂 THanks for pointing me in your direction. I’m looking forward to following your progress. If I can get some decent fabric soon, maybe I can speed up and come close to where you are. You’re at Class 160?

    • Hi Dawn, thank you for all your wonderful comments. I think the log cabin is one of my favorites so far, Patriotic for me would have been the red and white of Canada but when I saw the greens/blues I knew those were the ones for me 🙂 actually i love all of the quilt tops so far LOL they are like my kids and grandkids, how do you pick ONE favorite! I’m also looking forward to following your progress too. I am sure we can help each other out from time to time and of course Lesley (Blockhead) has blazed the trail before us and would give us moral support.
      Good Luck on your hunt for fabrics, that can be tricky sometimes.



  3. I love your Shades of Grey. Just beautiful. I read all your archived blogs about QA. I have Harriet’s books and have worked on Vol 1 some but am not currently working on it. I don’t blog but love to read about QA so I will follow you and Dawn both. Thanks for sharing.

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