Weekend wrap up! pt 1


I got a lot accomplished this past weekend! feels good too 🙂    Did some reading friday evening., the first couple of lessons in the next class in Quilters Academy are read only and to do with fabric, values, intensities, colour and also building a stash…. shouldn’t be a problem LOL

but first i finished up my granddaughters jammies for her birthday in feb..


After they were done i went to work finishing off the round the world baby quilt




It is about 37 ” square and is made from 6 fat quarters from a bundle i had in my stash.  Turned out pretty cute i think , i plan on binding it with the dark red/pink fabric.  I didn’t have too many issues with this design. I used the method where you sew your 2 1/2 inch strips  together then sew the first and last together to make a tube. Then you cut them into the correct width 2 1/2 ” for me and unpick the seam between 2 colours and start sewing together. All good until you pick out the wrong seam. So yes i did have to do a bit of resewing on this project.

Then i got to work on the practice sampler for the current lesson. Making 12 9 patch blocks which will be set on point (Volume 2)

The blocks have a 1 inch finished grid. which meant i had to cut my strips 1 1/2 ” wide. 3 of the darker pink and 2 of lighter is what the book said.


I cut 3 of the light pink because well it seemed like i would need the third one….. one for the center of the other strip sets which were opposite of the colour layout here.   so 1 strip in dark/light/dark strip set and 2 strips of light pink in the one above.


here you can see the segments all lined up next to my machine ready to sew.  I had no real problems with the seams not butting properly or anything so i was real proud to get them all finished on saturday evening!


Here they all are finished up!  I flipped a few over so you  I could admire my fanned seams!  I have tucked these away with the rest of the sampler till i get to Vol. 2 and finish it.

I was going to tell you all about the project that i started but it would just get too long . so i will leave you with a pic of the fabrics and the design !

DSC_0645 DSC_0647

The design is called Interlacing Circles and i am using the cream print for the light part of the design.. borders and background.

the dark red of the narrow border is the burgundy, which is also used in the central design. the lighter red around the dark red squares is the dusty pink and the lighter pink print in the design is the blue.

cheers , gotta run dh has supper all ready!!!


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  1. Vicki, Isn’t it fun when the squares turn out so good?! Excellent job. They are looking great. And, I like your fabrics you have ready for the next project. I’m going to go check my book to see if I have that same problem with numbers of strips, and make a note 🙂 Wish I knew how to do regular sewing. I LOVE that you make pj’s for the kids. I do not know how to sew anything other than the straight lines for piecing 🙂 It may be why I need very specific details in my instructions. There is no previous sewing knowledge to revert to. Looking forward to seeing the progress on your next project.

  2. Thanks Dawn! I have 5 grandkids now, ranging between 6 yo and 1 year old! Before i went back to work full time 2 years ago i always made the 4 i had then pajamas for christmas and their birthdays! but once back to work and with 2 of the kids born in December… well forget about it LOL so i cut back to just for their birthdays. My oldest grandchild is a girl and the youngest is a boy and they were both born in Dec. I also have a boy and girl both born in august and then another girl born in Feb. I had hoped to do another post on Interlacing Circles tonight but its too late now. I have done all the 9 patch blocks, and cut out the strips for the rail fence blocks and also cut out the plain blocks.
    But i did have some adventures with the 9 patches! 🙂 so see you soon!
    and thanks for dropping in

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