Weekend Wrap up Pt-2


Class 160 – lesson 4

Sunday morning after a nice breakfast of pancakes that dh made I hit my sewing room and got busy  cutting strips for Interlacing Circles .I needed to have 3 strip sets with different colour combinations to create the 9 patch blocks. Grid size was  1 1/4″ finished so the strips were cut at 1 3/4.

I have been noticing that my strips/blocks have been just a bit , like a few threads ,  too wide or to narrow recently. So before starting the nine patches I decided to test my seam allowance again. I cut my 1 1/2 inch strips and sewed them together and I took a smidge more seam allowance while sewing them together and perfection the middle strip was exactly 1 inch.  So apparently I had drifted a bit since I did that exercise back at the beginning of the book and my seams were not as precise as i had thought recently. that’s what happens when it is almost a year since starting LOL

Back to the nine patches , sewed the first 2 strips together of each strip set, pressed and then measured them,DSC_0659

each strip was exactly 1 1/2″ wide ! perfection!

Filled with confidence  went off to  sew on the 3rd strip, pressed them and took them to the cutting table to measure and …….

***insert curse words here***

The middle strip which should have finished at exactly 1 1/4 inches was  too narrow. I could not believe it. I used exactly the same markings on my machine to sew each seam and it should have been right!! I just don’t get it sometimes!!

So I did what anyone would do I met a friend at Starbucks for coffee  🙂

so unpicking them all had to be done, and then I resewed them with just a slightly narrower seam allowance ( maybe 3 threads or so) they turned out much much better!


this is what they looked like after cutting all the segments I needed for the 16 blocks.  I’m liking the colours!

Very carefully I laid out the segments to start sewing the blocks, they had to be just right to make the circles in the design.

I got it right! first time!

I noticed when I was sewing the blocks that the majority of the centers matched pretty darn good, which has been an issue sometimes for me.

I only had a couple where I had to kind of ease and pin them to match  AND I also figured out when I do that….. that is what had been causing the unevenness on the edge of some previous blocks.

So note to self when things don’t match up really, really well,  REDO them and I will be happier in the end!


All 16 of the 9 patch blocks done!

I wasn’t totally sure the blue fabric was a good fit, but I really like it . the colour in this picture is way bright, it really is like the ones of the strips above.

The Learning curve continues 🙂

monday evening I got the strips cut for the rail fence blocks and also the plain blocks are cut out ready to go.

went to a movie last night so no sewing done and as I have a meeting tonight not likely to get any done then either!

But watch out thursday evening!!

cheers and thanks for dropping in.



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