Interlacing Circles …. Done!


I actually hit the sewing room with a vengeance on thursday, dh and i picked up supper at Costco on the way home, he went out and i went to the sewing room.

Everything was  ready to go, all the strips and the solid blocks cut out.  The first thing i did was sew the strip sets together for the rail fence blocks . There were 16 of one and 8 of the other. Bam!!! done .  no unpicking , a bit of trimming and they were good to go.


Sewing the strips for the rail fence blocks.

 Oh and did i mention hubby put in a small flat screen tv with a dvd player in my sewing room, which i can see from the cutting table and sewing machine?   so this is what i have been watching …. JAG. Mmhmmmmm!  Seriously its a wonder i get anything done at all 🙂


But I digress!

After cutting the rail fence blocks into 4 1/4″ blocks I was ready to lay out the design on my design wall.


All the blocks ready to be sewn together!

Sadly my design wall is in the  spare room a few steps from my sewing room , which isn’t ideal but there just is no free wall space in my sewing room. so after i paused Mr. Elliott off i went to lay out the blocks following the diagram in the book.


All ready to go.

I sewed them together as we had been instructed earlier in the book, you put them all in stacks from top to bottem and chain piece them together in vertical rows. leaving your threads attached between. press, then add the 3rd row , press and repeat until all have been sewn. then you just sew all the rows together and you are done.

about halfway through i notice i had gotten one block turned the wrong way somehow, so had to un pick that and re-sew.  By about  when i usually call it quits for the night ( on work nights anyways) i only had about 2 rows to sew on and i wasn’t quitting till i was done!

Ta Da!!!


As all of the quilt tops in this book, the borders will be done all at once, this one has a about a 6 inch border of the light print background fabric.

Can I just go off topic here for a second, went away to toast a bagel for my breakfast and come back and sit down , look out the window and it’s bl***y snowing again!!

After being sort of plugged back into Quilters Academy the last few weeks i realized a few things, some of which i knew but had neglected

The BIG one was pressing, for some reason i quit using steam when pressing…. don’t ask because i don’t know why? LOL

I had problems with the strips curving on my Shades of Grey quilt and that was why, to get a good flat seam i was having to press too hard when I  first pressed the top strip over. i did use starch after that but i think the stretching was done before by too much pressure .

so i have been using steam again and i hardly have to put any pressure on my iron at all.

I bought a new iron just for quilting last spring, i got a Reliable brand one, the orange one.  I love it, but sometimes it almost puts out too much steam, it’s like trying to iron with a steam locomotive!

I think i still need to work on cutting and making sure i use the same side of the line of my ruler ALL the time.  because i noticed that sometimes when i laid 2 strips of  fabric together that were both to have been cut at 1 1/2 inches one would poke out the on the other side when i had the other edges lined up with each other.  I did notice that it seems to be at selvedge mostly, so i am thinking because i don’t fold my fabric twice after straightening it that when i get to the far side when cutting , i am not as tight against the ruler as i should be. so something to watch for.

Another project done, and I am chomping at the bit to start the next one!


Harriet’s Double Nine-Patch Chain Quilt

Cheers for now!


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  1. It’s beautiful! The colors work wonderfully. Amazing how quickly it goes when there is time available! Pop on over to my blog and help me out? I’m stuck 😦

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