Here we go again , New Project!


Spent a lot of the weekend getting things organized to get started on the next project in Quilters Academy Vol 1.


I have a floral/leaf print with a purple background for my border and larger nine patch blocks.

The green is the background and the dark purple is the contrast in the double nine patch blocks.DSC_0676

I had originaly purchased an orangey tone on tone for the small nine patches but after checking it with my ruby beholder i realized that although colour wise it looked fine, it was too light in value.  The print and the green were purchase in Kamloops last summer on a trip to visit my MIL.

Saturday morning  i had to make a trip to the local quilt store 🙂  The one here in town is  not my favorite store in the world, (my favorite is an hour west, but i dont’ venture out there too much in winter and we have had freezing rain , snow and nearly everything else in the last few days.) but i figured i would be able to find a purple and I did !

While i was at the store i decided to pick up the fabric for Carrie’s Double Irish Chain Baby Quilt which is coming up after after this and the next project.

I found a really cute fish print, but the store here is lacking a good selection of solids  (what i wanted for the chains) and I  couldn’t  find what i wanted.  But I bought some anyways and found a really cute carousel horse print but again no solids to match.  I decided i would head to Fabricland on Sunday.

Sunday morning saw me in the sewing room bright and early cutting the strips for the small center nine patches.  DSC_0677

These are for the 12 nine patch blocks that are in the center of the double nine patch blocks.  Just regular nine patches, finished at a one inch grid.

Pretty quick sewing, no issues , my measurements seemed good, seams correctly sewed and pressed!


Here are my 12 center nine patch blocks all done!

I love the green and purple together.

Off to Fabricland around 12:00 , really needed a new blade for the rotary cutter ,  and figured i could snag a couple of solids for the upcoming baby quilt lesson.

Blade was 30% off and i got a bit of fabric too…… got 1 meter of pink and purple for the baby quilt plus a meter of white ( buy 1 get 2 free) got 5  fabrics to go with the fish print i got on saturday some were 50% off, and one was also in the ( buy one get 2 free sale)so i got a meter of 2 different fabrics. and got a meter of fabric for the back of the Country Lanes runner that i made in a previous lesson and it was only $ 6.50 per meter!


While hubby watched the superbowl , i was in the sewing room making a start on the corner blocks for the double nine patch blocks.

They are not made like a true nine patch as they have a piece on the top and bottem that is double the width ( so 2″ ) of the squares.



So i decided to do one set of 24 first , and do the second set separately to avoid confusion. Good plan!The strips sets are made the same for the center row, but the top and bottem you need a 1 1/2″ strip of purple and a 2 1/2 strip of green. You need to make a total of 48 of these, and they have to be divided up into 24 and each sewn differently so the diagonal line of purple squares heads in the right direction.


segments for the left and right corner squares all cut out! (colour is really off in this photo)

everything went well, till i was ironing my squares after the 3rd row was sewn on , thats when i realized something was amiss!

a lot well, nearly all of the green on the last row were a bit short and didnt match in length to the center row.

I measured and they were 1/8″ too short,





How could i not notice this when sewing??

Out came the seamripper, curses aimed at myself filled the air 🙂

and that was where my sunday night ended, on the couch watching Top Gear with DH and un picking my blocks!


Monday evening was a whole new day…. and a success!


I only got half of the blocks done, tomorrow night i will sew the other ones in the other configuration!

cheers till next time!


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  1. LOL. Curses aimed at yourself?? Hope you were thinking of all the deals you got that day to compensate. You are moving along nicely!

    So, did you have to recut all those green bottom pieces? Can you use them on the next half of the blocks?

  2. Yeah, I was cursing myself for being so stupid !! LOL It’s all good now I didn’t take myself seriously!

    Yes i re-cut and sewed a new purple and green strip, the others were too narrow , and they have hit the scrap basket. Not sure if i will have to do anymore for the other set of blocks as i may have snitched a couple from that pile 🙂
    I’m hopeful that i can get those others done this evening!
    cheers for now


  3. The word “FAIL”, is not in the quilters’ dictionary. I’m sorry, it just isn’t. You cannot fail at quilting. Really. You’re shaking your head in disagreement aren’t you? You think I am off my rocker! HA! Fooled you.

    Everything you do as a quilter is a learning experience. It may not have worked out according to plan, but that is not a fail, it is practice, and learning. When you first started walking, did you have success, the very first time? Or even better yet, were you able to run a marathon? NOOOOO! See. There is no FAIL in quilting. It is all about practice and learning. Sure, I will admit, sometimes there is a lot more learning going on, but life is all about learning.


  4. I look on the word “Fail” as i used it as a Teaching/Learning tool. it is a somewhat negative word yes, but I used it as a “I Failed to pay attention” to something that i should have which caused me to have to rip out and re do it. I think if a person gave up and didn’t continue that would be a true “Failure” but i just “fail” to pay attention, fix it and move on! 🙂 I don’t quit which i think is a word that is associated with the word fail . and the colour thing on the camera well thats not me thats my camera failing to read the light in the same room the same way 5 minutes later LOL

    I have gotten all twelve of the above blocks finished as of last evening. They squared up pretty well, but the corner patches the center block in there is not quite the right size, so missed something along the line but they are fine as they are. Don’t think they are noticeable. I think i am going through a rough patch of inaccuracies in measuring, cutting, sewing and pressing , I guess everything 🙂 so i reviewed all of that in the book this morning while having a soak in the tub! and will probably cut the strips for the larger nine patches either early this afternoon or tomorrow morning.
    I have been cutting my strips with the fabric just folded selvage to selvage , I think i am going to try folding it in half again as Harriet suggests trying and seeing if that works. and i know that i have been using a too wide ruler for the strips. so back to the narrower one. see how it goes.

    Alice are you going to the quilt show in Penticton in May? I am thinking i might go.. It would be great to see you.

    your favorite Aunt !! LOL

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