Colour Purple Quilt top….


Also known as  Double Nine Patch!  Well after  having all kinds of trouble with the first block in this quilt, I got them all finished up this last friday evening! They turned out okay but I know I can do better ( I hope) 🙂

DSC_0015 DSC_0014

they squared up quite nicely for the most part and are usable.

So when i started the other nine patch blocks i vowed to myself that i would have none of the issues that i did with these ones!

Got the fabric cut out into the strips saturday morning and was very very careful about being exact, I tried the double fold method and had one or two strips that had a bit of a bend in them so cut them in half on the fold and used them anyways.

I put a barrier strip along the front of my machine bed to help keep me on the scant quarter inch mark.


Checked the width of every strip set very carefully after they were sewn and pressed and as you can see above It was exactly 3 1/4 inches, which is what it was supposed to be.   Speaking of pressing, i was very careful not to be heavy handed while pressing , used my starch and was generally a much happier person while these blocks were being done.  I had a couple of areas where a slight bit of trimming had to be done but no narrow areas.

I didnt worry too much about the outside strip that would be the outside of the block as i figured i could take care of any discrepancies when squaring up the block, but i did check to make sure there were no areas narrower than 3 1/4 inches ( there were not)


All ready to be sewn into blocks.

This is where i had to end off on saturday and go out to our steak and lobster dinner…Mmmmmm, it was good!

Sunday morning back at it to start sewing my very precise strip sets into blocks, thats when i discovered one of the green strips that i used on the center row was a quarter inch to wide, thank goodness it wasn’t narrow. I must have cut one strip at 3 3/4 inches instead of 3 1/2 ”  I didn’t have to worry about it until i squared up the blocks when they were done

because i had been super cautious and precise i had very good results on the butting of seams when sewing the two sets together.  I liked that a lot.

Continued to press carefully and lightly, checked each piece after sewing and trimmed any areas.  I did continue to leave anything that was on the outside edge alone until i squared up the blocks at the end.


chain stitching on the 3rd strip, you can see the barrier strip on my machine.

DSC_0020 DSC_0021

All finished up, I love the fabrics together … I give myself an A + on my fabric selection for this project  LOL

and my corners are so nice and also the edges of the block , look how even they are and this is before squaring them up to the final 9 1/2 “

I feel really good about the edges especially because that is one area i was having problems, which i think stemmed from inaccuracies with measuring , cutting and pressing on the internal parts of the blocks. so things were pushed and pulled a bit sometimes to fit and that would show up on the outer edge of the block.


I put all 25 blocks up on my design wall last night to admire for a bit, but didnt get a picture.

And i did get them all sewn together today because it was a holiday here in British Columbia, so no work,  Yaaay

but will save that till tomorrow.

 No “Fails” this time Alice, so you don’t need to beat me up, okay! LOL

What did i learn on these blocks as opposed to the first set.

I have to be more precise and measure, measure , measure all the time. and not just here and there on a strip set , all the way along it.

Ironing : keep using the steam but with a light hand on the iron and be careful not to burn yourself! again..

Keep remembering its not a race!

I have been watching a few of Eleanor Burns’s videos over the last few weeks and noticed she uses a stiletto to guide her edges as she sews and to hold cross seams together instead of pinning… well I tried it with the point of one of my seam rippers and it really is nice to use.  I used less pins especially when the leading edge of the seam was on the top and the seams would butt nicely together. I think i will get a real stiletto to use as i quite like it.

so it’s off to the tub for me and then to bed as 6:00 am comes so darn early!





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  1. It’s looking wonderful! Colors are good, measurements and squares are nice! I, too, have found that slowing down and taking time to measure and press properly is major. Makes for a pleasant experience when it turns out so nice that way, eh?

    I also use my seam ripper to always guide my fabric under the presser foot! I learned that a long time ago, because it helps to keep it entering and exiting straight. I’ve considered buying a stiletto or something special, but my seam ripper is always handy and works fine 🙂

    Looking forward to seeing it after you get it up on the board!

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