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As promised yesterday here is the latest Quilt top in Quilters Academy Vol 1. all finished except the borders as per Harriets instructions.

I have to say taking that extra care really made a difference when it came to piecing these babies together, pretty much each seam met the othere where it was supposed to and was sooooo nice. I only had to rip out one block when making the rows, as it slipped a bit while sewing and the seams didnt match. but an easy fix.  So here’s a tip for myself  ” Slow down, don’t skip stuff, pay close attention to measurements and instructions!”


Here are the blocks all lined up ready to be sewn together. I use some coloured  glass stones with scrapbooking letters on them to keep things organized.


Here it is, probably one of my better efforts as far as accuracy goes!

 DSC_0028 DSC_0029

A couple of closeups !

the border for this one will be the print fabric and i think it is gonna look fine!!

I spent some time yesterday afternoon reading the next lesson in the book. it is all about calculating how much fabric you need by figuring it out based on mathmatical calculations. I actually read this and worked my way through the lesson previously , just cause i couldn’t wait 🙂

so i applied the formulas to some other blocks that had strip sets to practice. It’s all good as long as i can find my calculator.

On to lesson 170 I believe it is, book is downstairs , I’m upstairs…. heel hurts… you do the math  LOL

Anyways this lesson is all about combined grids, with lots of measuring , trimming each step of the way.

My challenge is to go slowly , follow instructions, and measure,cut,sew and press carefully.

The design is called Carries Inlaid Tile runner


this is the picture from the book.

there are several possibilities for the layout,  a square quilt, or table cloth (which i am leaning towards), the runner as shown , or a runner thats wider and shorter than shown.

My friends daughter had her twins on the weekend, they are about 6 weeks or so early. but not bad sizes one just over 5 lbs and one a bit under 5 lbs.

2 little boys! both are stable, doing well as is mom and grandma is down where they live looking after their big brother!

I have 2 little boy style baby quilts for them.

anyways off to cut fabric for my next project and maybe get a few seams sewn as well!!

cheers and thanks for dropping by




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  1. Are you skipping the Baby Quilt project? It’s between this one and the inlaid table runner…
    Maybe you feel like skipping since you just did 2 baby boy quilts?

  2. Nope, not skipping, I think the beginning of this lesson has you doing the fabric calculations ( you know the one,learning to figure out how much fabric you need by reading the blocks) that lesson uses the baby quilt.
    then Inlaid tiles, then you make the baby quilt, then the last one, forget its name.


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