class 170-lesson 4 Carries Inlaid tile table runner.


This is our first practical lesson on combined grids. A combined grid is explained as a design that has one or more parts have a solid piece that is 2 or more times the size of the grid.


Inlaid Tile Table runner as it is shown in the book.

Feeling fairly confidant going into this lesson, hope it doesn’t come back to bite me!

Anyways here are my fabrics i chose for this design, with the plan being to do a 6 x 6 block layout as a table topper.DSC_0030

These are almost solids and somewhat of a new thing for me , as i have always had a print, but i really liked these tone on tones.

the yellow at the top a bit on the light side when it comes to value. There should be one dark, (dark blue) one light ( cream ) and two mediums.

the light blue works and the yellow is just a bit lighter in value when i looked through my little ruby beholder!  but i felt the colour was rich enough to get away with it.


This is the diagram in the book showing the strip sets we will make.

We make the 2 center strip sets, the ones with the most seams first.


my narrow strips cut for the first 2 strip sets


each side should be 1 1/2″ wide after sewing together. Success!!

Then we add the wide strip to each set of two strips. the wide one for these sets should be 3″ or exactly the width of the 2 strips already sewn. And as mine were exactly 3″ wide i carried on sewing.  Wide strips sewn on and this is where it could get tricky!


Flipping the strip over and measuring from the edge of the first seam allowance to the edge of the wide strip. It is meant to be 4 1/4″ . If it is not

4 1/4″  you take whatever measurement it is to figure out the width of the strip for the next two strip sets.

Luckily , as you can see above mine were 4 1/4 ” wide.

the top and bottem strip sets in the diagram are cut 1 3/4″ wide and 4 1/4 ” wide ( or whatever measurment you had)

Once all the strip sets were done I moved on to  cutting the segments.


all cut out and laid out in sewing order.

Of course i had to lay out  a block just to see what it would look like.


I’m liking it, think the colours are working .

First you sew the two center segments together and fan the seams.  on all 36 , seems a fairly large number but i guess not really once you get going and chain piece them all.  then after pressing you square and trim if you need to , to get the correct measurements. then you add each side and press the seams open.  I gotta say i dont like pressing the seams open as my iron puts out so much steam i am always getting burned 🙂

sunday night i left off without getting the last segment sewn onto the blocks.

I was out monday evening and planned to work on the blocks tuesday evening but had an earache and felt cold and tired so had a hot bath and was in bed by 8 pm!  but i did have a good sleep and the earache has gone! but had a meeting wednesday evening so no sewing! I was starting to have withdrawal I think LOL

But i got down stairs this evening and sewed that last segment to all the blocks and pressed and trimmed them all.

Then it was off to the design wall where i had no problem with the layout, Harriet says it can be a ” brain bender”

until you get it going and see the pattern develop. but i followed the 6 x 6 layout picture in the book  and it was easy , peasy!

but of course my camera had a dead battery so no pics of tonights progress.

I did change my mind about the layout and decided to go with a 4 x 9 block layout , it will make a nice wide and long table runner with the border and should fit my table really well!

I got all the vertical rows chain stitched together this evening and tomorrow night just need to sew the rows together and it will be done.

I just have to remember to take some of the fabric with me to find something for the border, or i may go with one of the colours already in it.

cheers till tomorrow , ( I hope) when i can post a picture of the finished runner.







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  1. I’m glad to see I’m not the only one that has to mark in the book what colors go where, what steps are done, etc.
    I’m really liking your fabrics here. Although they are all similar tone on tone, I think they work because of the way they blocks are assembled.
    The picture is not clear as to what type of fabrics they really are, so I think you’ve done a great job. I’ll be interested in what you choose for a border fabric.

    Looks like there are new things to learn here!
    Looking good.

  2. Yes I marked my book pretty well. but what the heck its mine, and i want it to look like i worked from it. I also have marked what day i finished each quilt top. and will also mark when it is completely finished.
    The fabrics are all tone on tone i guess, there is a better closeup of the fabrics on this post…-runner-finish/

    yeah i hope the link works. Its the inlaid tile finish post that has a closeup.


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