Inlaid Tiles table runner Finish!


As mentioned in the previous post I left off last night with blocks sewn together in rows.



Here they are laying over and off the end of my cutting table.  they actually went together last night pretty well. nothing was really off at all but i did pin most of them just to make sure nothing slipped.

Headed downstairs tonight at about 7:30 and less than an hour later all the rows were sewn together, once again very little pinning , the seams butted together very nicely!


As mentioned i changed from a 6 x 6 block layout to a 4 x 9 block layout and am quite happy with it.



of course i was looking at the pattern before going downstairs tonight and noticed that Harriet had said we should sew the blocks together first in groups of four and then layout and sew into rows and then sew the rows together…… oops!

Onto the next project in this class  Harriet’s Double Irish Chain baby quilt. Hope to get it cut out and started over the weekend!

cheers and thanks for dropping by!



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  1. The fabrics are lovely, and worked out great! Did you find a border fabric? I did notice it asked us to find a repeat fabric to cut for a vertical border. (I snuck a peak at the fabric requirements) I haven’t read the assignment yet, but I can see where it could be described as a mind bender. Glad you didn’t have a challenge there. The picture in the book shows it as a table runner, I would think it is laid out as a 4×9. 6×6 is square… how could a table runner be square and the suggested layout be 6×6? I think it turned out great. Good job 🙂

    • Hey Dawn, the picture of Carries is believe is a 3 block by 12 block layout. I originally thought the 6 by 6 would make a nice table topper. but since i already made a square one (Town Square) I decided to make the oblong runner but went with the wider and shorter version to fit my table better!
      no i havn’t found a border fabric yet. I may make a trip out to my two favourite shops next saturday to see what i can find out there.


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