Double Irish Chain baby quilt-class 170 continued!


I didn’t spend a huge amount of time in the sewing room this weekend, sewing anyways! I did some scrap sorting as my little bins were getting stuffed and another solution needed to be found. That was saturday evening , Sunday morning I got downstairs and got the fabric straightened for the next project in Quilters Academy vol 1. This one is a Double Irish chain baby quilt and is a continuation of our lessons in working with combined grids.



Here is my fabric for this project. the carousel horses is the background and the ribbon fabric will either be part of the border or the backing.  The quilt itself has narrow borders of each of the main colours. I am using the mauve to replace the blue in the quilt that is shown in the book.

You know i think this is my first project that uses actual plain solid colour fabric!  I tend to gravitate towards the prints and tone on tones. but am trying to branch out  🙂

The first thing to do after straightening is to cut strips for the 18 block A’s.

3 different sets to make … rows 1 & 5 are the same , rows 2 & 4 as well and row 3 is well all on its own!

Each strip set has 5 strips with different colour combinations that are then cut into segments and pieced into the blocks.


Here are my strips laid out. the shorter ones are half strips, for rows  1,2,4, & 5 as each needs 1 1/2 strip sets.  so these are all the rows , but of course i mucked it up!  the two outer rows here are really for the center, row 3. rows 2 and 4 are correct and of course the one with the two light strips is row 1 and row 5.

I think i need a new ruler to cut strips…… I use my 6″ by 24″  , the book suggests using a narrower ruler, but i find my 3 by 24 slips more when cutting. so i use the wider one.  but it is one that has little black lines with yellow highlight around them on the one inch lines and i think i am cutting  my strips a bit too wide as i had some trimming to do on some of these and some of the inside strips were not the right width when i checked them , had to do a couple over. And i am still getting some curves and wobbly spots on my strips when pressing. I am trying to follow the directions but still having difficulties. I have some square rules that have very narrow lines and no highlights but i dont have a long narrow one for cutting stips yet.  I like the narrow lines.

so I have cut some of the strips into their 1 1/2 inch segments and of course had to sew one block together. 😀


I had no issues with the seams not butting , they were all perfect on this one!! yay!! but i forgot to trim and check the width after adding the 3rd and 4th strips on…….. and you guessed it they were not the correct width! I think i cut the segments a smidge to wide and then i was sewing without having the edge right against the barrier strip i have.  so some un sewing was called for , some trimming and then some re- sewing and all is well in my little world of blocks now!  but i am glad i didn’t chain piece a bunch before finding out these things!   and another thing the background of the carousel horses is a directional print sooooo i am going to have to be CAREFUL as i would like no horses to be standing on their heads.

No sewing happened at all on monday evening…. meh!

this evening I managed to get 11 more blocks done.  for a total of 12 of the 18 block A’s finished.

All the seams butted very precisely! , I did sew the odd wrong strip on and had to pick out and re sew LOL

I used less steam when pressing the seams and that seemed to work better…. less stretching!

I hope to get the rest of the Block A’s done thursday evening.

I don’t know what i am going to do if i finish this quilt in the next few days!  I bought a fat quarter bundle a week or two ago to use for the last quilt in the lessons and it had a pale buttery creamy ivory  in it. perfect for the background fabric. but nobody here has any.  I tried the store where i got it but they dont have it in yardage.

I finally found some last week on Etsy and it is on its way as of last friday i think. so it will be another  10 days probably before it gets here.

I might start with the borders on the other quilts, or maybe do a few of the Designer block of the month blocks from the Fat Quarter Shop.

Decisions, decisions!!

anyways right now i am deciding i need to go to bed 🙂

Good night!


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  1. Vicki,
    Solids! You are being brave, aren’t you? The block looks terrific. I think solids fit this quilt perfectly. Your horses may give you a challenge though?..LOL… upside down? sometimes we have to turn the block to butt up seams..

    We usually have lots of left over strip after cutting the pieces we need, so I had been thinking of making that sample block as Harriet suggests, then using it for the practice piece at the quilting stage. It’s a good thing you made a sample square on this one. Maybe now that we are getting more technical in the block construction it would be a good idea to make up a sample like you did?

    I have also tended to go towards the tonals rather than solids. I did use a solid dark green on my table runner and although it worked fine I didn’t like the color after all. And, when they scare us away from the solids due to all the faults showing… well, doesn’t make me run to buy them 🙂 Looking at your block with all that solid tells me we’ll be fine now that we are getting nice butted seams and straight lines. Nope, no problem. Looks good!

    As far as the next class goes.. I was and still am under the impression that we are to finish all the quilt tops through the quilting process, then proceed to the final from start to finish. I took a look at BLOCKHEAD’s blog, and it appears she also did it that way.

    Did you email Harriet and Carrie through the Quilter’s Academy blog email? I tried that one too, and they don’t seem to use that one. I never did get a reply from that one. I went to their quilting store website, and used that email. They responded within 24 hours with “call us”. You are better off just going to the web site, get the phone number to the store, and call and talk to any of the ladies there, if you still have a question… Carrie promised that was the best way and they are fine with that.


  2. Oh, and I also have difficulty with the Omnigrid because of that yellow line outlining the black line. WHere are you supposed to line up the fabric?

    I think that is exactly why QA recommend NOT to use different rulers in the same project.

    It is perfectly fine IF you use that same ruler and are consistent with where you line up the lines. But, if you only use that one ruler for a certain part and go back and forth between Omnigrid and Creative Grid or any other ruler, you’ll have problems. Even if a cut is actually short or long, as long as you are always cutting along that same line and they are always short or always long, it doesnt’ really matter. You just can’t get consistency with swapping rulers. Now, if I could just replace my mismatched rulers for all the same, wouldn’t that be fun 🙂

  3. Ok, HELP!
    I am working on row 1&5 and when I measure after sewing one seam, I’m correct. They measure 1 1/4″. But when I measure inside rows between seams, they should be 1″ and they are not 😦 And, the total width is now 1/4″ too short 😦 I see you had some of that above. My cutting is fine though. why do you think I lose space? I will have to rip seams here because otherwise I won’t get seams to butt up. But I’m wondering why my seams aren’t measuring correctly? Any ideas? what did you do? recut?

  4. LOL, I guess you found some fabric!! anyways my issues were not trimming after each seam was sewn and my seam allowance when sewing, not running right up against my barrier strip.

    thats all i can think of, maybe the line on the ruler isn’t quite in the exact spot? I would un pick and re check everything cause you are quite right it will only get worse as the block progress’s

    I am just finishing up work right now, and have a meeting till about 9;00 or 9:30 will check back then,

    take a deep breath and check everything twice and you will find the problem and be able to correct it.

  5. Thanks for your thoughts 🙂
    I’m sure the seam allowance guide is correct because I get the correct measurements on the first seam to outside edge. There is something I did while sewing second seams that is off. I picked the seams out and will try again today!

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