Precision piecing continues!!


Had a very productive and accurate session in the sewing room this evening working on the
double Irish chain baby quilt. Got all 18 of Block A finished, trimmed and squared.

After you get the blocks done you measure a certain spot from raw edge to raw edge and it should measure 3 1/2 inch if it is more than a thread or two different , you use whatever measurement you have to cut the strips for the center part of Block B.

Mine were …….

wait for it……

exactly 3 1/2 inches!!!

so I went ahead and cut the strips for block B . I have rows 1 and 3 done and cut into segments. Row 2 not finished sewing the strips together yet. Just to tired to keep going, long day at work today being month end. but should be a lot quieter tomorrow.

Oh and i have no pics because i left the camera on , for like a day and the battery is deader than disco!

And none of the carousel horses are in danger of being upside down ( yet)  🙂


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  1. Very nice on the precision and the carousel horses. I have had a lot of birds flying upside down in one of my projects. I am interested to see what you and Dawn do about Vol 2. I really enjoyed all of Leslie’s blogs (Blockhead). She is the only blogger I know who continued after Vol 1. Most people, like me (though I am not a blogger), got about 3/4 way through and got diverted to other projects. I am really enjoying yours and Dawn’s adventures and look forward to your machine quilting lessons.

  2. Precision is so nice, isn’t it? I just feel so accomplished when I measure and it works out right! Great job. You need to get your battery charged, because i need pictures!

    Your horses will appreciate being heads up.

    You’re staying ahead of me nicely, and I can’t wait to see what happens with your quilting journey.

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