What’s wrong with this picture?



Ahhhh! where do I start?

well as i mentioned previously all the Block A’s were done for the double irish chain baby quilt!

This morning i went down to sew all the Block B’s


It went really well, as there were only 2 seams per each of the 17 blocks.


In no time at all I was done!  trimmed squared etc. checked them out and they should just nest and seams should butt just perfect!

I’ll be done before  supper i thought.

I almost didn’t put them up on  the design wall……. but thankfully I did! and guess what i saw?



Yep do you see whats wrong with this picture now?  **sigh**  out of 18 Block A’s the only correct one was the very first one I did, you can see it way up on the upper right hand corner !

Man did i blow this one LOL I put row 1/5 where row 3 should go and vice versa!

Put hey on the plus side i only need to make 17 , not 18 !! AND all the horses were the right way up!!

I have some strip sets leftover that i dug out of the scrap basket,  I plan to just remake them totally as  the seams that have been fanned would have to be resewn on the ends where the seam was undone.  I have enough fabric of the background , but as i was going to Fabricland anyways i got a teeny bit more of the pink and mauve just to be on the safe side.

The seventeen blocks that i made I might see if I will be able to use them for something in volume 2 ,  set on point, with a sashing.

Yesterday  I went off to Vanderhoof to hunt down some fabric for the border on  Inlaid Tiles , no success.  I also checked the quilt store here but nothing. I  gave up looking for a border print pretty quickly and was just trying to find any print at all that would work.  NOTHING! Hence the trip to Fabricland today, where i did find a print that i think will work. I havn’t auditioned it with the actual runner yet , and it does introduce a new colour but it might just have to do. I will get a pic maybe tomorrow evening. I am kinda wrapped up with the baby quilt at the moment!

I picked up a new Olfa 6 by 12 inch ruler yesterday, it has the narrow plain black lines that all my square rulers have.  I had a 25 % off coupon and I will try and pick up the 6 by 24 one next time i am out there.

I also checked my quilt tops that i have made so far to make sure i still had fabric for borders.  I picked up a bit of fabric for one or two of the tops that i needed. I still need some of the charcoal grey fabric for the Shades of Grey quilt top , as they were out . but i might see if i can get some online as i know the manufacturer and design name.

well i am going to go and put supper in the oven and head down to sew strips for Block A  ( again)  🙂

catch you on the flip side!
















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  1. Oh Vicki,
    So sorry to even think of you having to start over. How about just remaking the ONE block that was correct? Only YOU will ever know you rearranged the original pattern… I can see they are different, but really, I didn’t notice there was a problem until you pointed it out. And, I did look fairly hard until I decided I’d read further and let you tell me. I say.. just remake 1 block, the original one to be same as all the others.
    Unless you just want a lesson in being more careful to follow directions..But, that’s just punishment!

    So, I have a question.
    If I click on your name (as in the one in a comment you make on my blog) it takes me to blogger profile and when I click on Teach An Old Dog New Tricks, it takes me to a diff. blog from this one. Did you start your Quilt Academy blog over there, and then in June 2012 move over here?

  2. to answer the question about the blogs first, yes i did start on blogger and had real problems with it. so decided to try wordpress ( the one i use now) but when i comment on your blog and try to use my wordpress profile it will not let me for some reason, so i use google , which i think is related to blogger isn’t it?

    I appreciate your support that i only remake one block , but i really like the irish chain look, so I will re do them, have nearly all the strips sewn together already, just a few more to go and then i will sew the segments together again , It is a pain though LOL
    and i think i need more lessons in following directions…. i had a picture of the strips all laid out correctly in a previous post and then i looked at them again and thought i had laid them out wrong BUT I hadn’t ** sigh** so yes i need more lessons in paying attention!

    hopefully It won’t take too long.


  3. Well, the original pattern is nice, and I’m sure yours will look great after you remake the blocks. I guess it will teach us both to be sure to get them correct before moving along. I did the same thing with my block on this project too, albeit only one small block of the set, and I immediately found it when I placed the line of blocks up to the others and found it didn’t fit. Lesson learned.. pay attention.

    Have you attempted to comment lately with your current profile? At the beginning I had “only registered users” and moderation settings “on”. but I changed them to anyone and no moderation, a while ago when you commented that you had trouble so you should be able to post with your WordPress login. I wonder what other auto settings there are that I should find that would help? Technology these days are amazing, but complicated.

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