All Fixed!!


I got all the Block A’s resewn and finished up tonight, just got them put up on the design wall and will sew them all together tomorrow evening!


I must admit I do like this (correct) version much better aaaaaand i have 17 blocks  that i can use in another quilt!

I was successful on my hunt for a border fabric for my  Inlaid Tiles runner, that was another Bone Head move on my part!! LOL

I think its probably better to choose colours from the print than to try and match it the way i did!

DSC_0062 DSC_0061

Although I did luck out on this print as it is a pretty good match for colour!

Anyways its late and i am tired

Good Night



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  1. It does look much more like the chain example this way. LOL. Nice job, it looks really nice. Perfect colors for a baby quilt. I’m sure you’re really happy you spent the time to do those blocks over. I would have been really tempted to just skip it, but this way turned out a much better result. Very Nice.

  2. Yes it does look more like the one in the book doesn’t it? I am much happier with it now. But you know i think i was rushing a bit when i did the blocks over… because they didn’t nest together quite as well as the first ones did. More pinning needed to be done just to hold the seams in place and a bit of easing in as well. Nothing was way off just smidges you know? and the first set i did there was very little. Just goes to show how taking the extra time to measure , cut and sew carefully pays off and actually saves time in the end!!
    Lesson learned… fingers crossed LOL

    what do you think of the border fabric for the inlaid tiles?? It was the ONLY thing even close that i found in 5 different places so it will have to do. But just wondering if i am seeing it through rose coloured glasses?

    have a great Day Dawn!

  3. So, you’re saying the second time through you didn’t take as much time… no surprise there! It was a do over. I think that is why I felt I would have left it, because the 2nd time I wouldn’t have had my heart in it. But, it sure looks good from here 🙂 Much better in fact.

    The inlaid tile runner: The computer screen is sometimes hard to judge well. The colors look like they could be very close match. Especially in the close picture up it looks good. However, I’m thinking the way it is laid out, there is no way you’d use that much border, so the pattern is maybe a bit big for the space? And in the second picture giving a better view of overall, it appears to be much lighter in value? Not sure. Stand way back from it. With a lighter value on the border, it appears to have a drop off affect because your tiles are a richer deeper value. Maybe put it up on the design board so you can get a good feel for it?

    I know what a problem this is, because I was at 3 stores yesterday trying to get the fabric for that same project. I found that there are just NO “vertical running border” fabrics around at this time. There were a couple in the kids novelty print section, but that’s it 😦 I wanted to attempt something new, which is the way this border works, so I wanted one! So, to have to do this after the fact must be a challenge. I, too, ended up just getting a matching fabric for the border rather than a specialty vertical fabric.

  4. Yes, I guess i didnt take as much time as i should have! LOL and no my heart wasn’t in it as it had been the first time making the blocks, but i managed to get them done.

    You are right the fabric with the runner laid out has way more showing than it would as a border, I think it is something like 6 1/2 ” ? finished. I havn’t looked at with my ruby beholder yet but will and check it out. there was a smaller print from the same line, but it really didnt work at all with it.. too busy i think.

  5. Well, the colors are right and that can be the biggest hurdle sometimes. If you place those umbrellas(?) just right, as like cutting a running border, it looks like you could be sure to get more of them in the border cut and it might work fine. With all the fabric out like it is, it gives the appearance of a lot of light blue. Just be fussy about the cutting and hopefully it will work out well. Better than being too busy. Good luck! The runner sure turned out nice.

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