Double Irish Chain Baby Quilt finish!


Since this is not a huge quilt it only took about 1 1/2  or so hours to sew into rows and then sew the rows together. I was a little concerned that since i had kinda rushed while re-making the A blocks that i would run into problems with things not being exact.

there were a couple of blocks that i had to pin really well before sewing to keep the seams lined up but surprisingly most of them were able to be sewn without using more than my stiletto (well seam ripper really) to hold things in place!


The blocks all chain pieced into rows ready to be sewn together!  I love this last bit of the process almost a s much as starting a new project 🙂


All finished ( I really need a white sheet for the wall )

I love this one! Actually i love all the designs in this first volume!

Here is a closeup, and notice all of the carousel horses are upright!


I still have to check and make sure i have enough of the fabric left for the borders. since i remade half the blocks it could be an issue.

Although i did get more of the mauve and pink on sunday , oh and thats another thing i did…  I grabbed the bolt of the mauve and hummed and hawed whether i had the right PINK.  and of course when i got home i had the right pink but the wrong mauve! LOL

I know the quilt store downtown has more of the carousel horse fabric as of saturday. so i am going to check in the morning and maybe i can run up the quilt store tomorrow on my lunch if i need too.

the mauve will have to wait for the weekend if i need more.

so lessons finished and learned, the hard way this time!

but am still enjoying the journey, background fabric still has not arrived but i will get started cutting the block colours tomorrow evening.

I have also been planning on how i want to quilt all of the projects i have made.

I have been putting a picture of the finished quilt top as the background on my monitor so i see it when i am working on the computer and think about what to do with each one. then i have written in a notebook along with what colour thread to use and whether i want thicker thread ( so it shows more ) or thinner thread.

I have decided on 3 so far and am working on the rest one at a time!


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  1. Vicki, That turned out lovely. The horses (and being upright) are really very nice for a baby quilt. I hope you don’t have any trouble getting the extra fabric for your borders.

    What a great idea to have your quilts on your monitor so you get to see them and think about them and the quilting. Just one more project to go for you, and you are ready to quilt. Yeah! Sounds like you’ll have everything ready to get going on them. I’m anxious to see the plans and fruition of your planning.

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