Due to my bonehead move while making the Double irish chain baby quilt and making 17/18 blocks wrong I didn’t have enough of the print fabric for the borders.  **Sigh**  so last week i hit the local quilt store on my lunch to pickup some more fabric ….. earlier while at my desk i had a free minute to figure out how much i needed because it doesn’t tell you in the book, Harriet did mention something about thinking for ourselves as we moved through the book! I think this is one of those times.

Because i wanted to cut the border fabric lengthwise i needed a fair whack, more than if i was doing strips across the width.  The fabric was on sale for half price if you got all of what was left on the bolt….. I thought ,yeah looks like about 2 meters or so.  4 1/2 meters later LOL  but it was only $8.00 per meter and i figured i would be able to use it for another quilt when i use up the blocks that i messed up! so I’m okay with it.

The background fabric for the next project arrived on friday!!  whoo hoo! but I havn’t done anything with it yet, but this evening i plan to make a start.

I spent most of the weekend  doing the same thing as Dawn… reading Harriets Heirloom Machine Quilting and planning what i am going to do on the quilts i have made so far.  The book is a wealth of information!!  I need to have it beside me always I think  LOL

Between reading Heirloom Machine Quilting and watching a thread/needle/tension video from Superior Threads I understand some of the problems that i had when machine quilting some placemats for a friend last christmas. I didnt have the right size needle, and my tension was probably too tight as well.

I also picked up some quilt clips, bobbin washers and those covers for pins that make it easier to pin baste your quilts, yeah if i could actually get the pins that i got into them it might be easier!  the directions ,which are inside the bag say the size i got may be “harder” to insert….. I think so!

I also got some stitch and tear for quilting designs on the quilt top and then tearing it away.

I’m excited to make a start on the last quilt top of the lessons and really excited to get at the quilting and finishing of them all.


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  1. We’ve both been reading the quilting book! Yeah, we are SO close.
    I found out about the brass vs. steel pins by reading the reviews on Amazon. People noted that the brass were harder if not impossible and when I went to the web site for the pin covers, they mentioned steel, so I made SURE to get steel. Easily available at Wal-Mart. Do you have that store there? They still took lots of time using my handy needle nose plier. That tool saved my fingers. Don’t try without one.

    You mention getting your background fabric for the next project, but not the focus fabric. Are you doing it scrappy style? I took a peek at that project and wondered… I don’t think I have enough scraps yet to make it that style, but I sure want to!

    Did you check out the Presencia web site? Nice thread. Can’t believe how much less fuzz I get.
    How many projects did you use the same needle for? 🙂

  2. That quilt book is amazing, sooooo much information!! I got it awhile ago and checked it out but didn’t READ it! Yeah , I think i will get some of the steel pins at Wal Mart, less than a 5 min drive from my house! i have not been able to get even one pin in the darn things!
    I got a big bundle of fat quarters about 4 weeks and am using some of them, i just grabbed the camera to go down and take some pics of the ones i am going to use, and i have another project planned for the other FQ’s in the bundle.
    I havn’t been on the Presencia website yet but will check it out. I have been using Masterpiece 50/3 from Superior Threads for the last while , but havn’t checked for lint yet.

    I think i put in a new needle while i was working on the inlaid tile project. so only 2 projects ( and a half if you count re-making 17 blocks) maybe i will leave it in for this one 🙂

    hopefully will get some fabric pics up tomorrow, maaaaaybe this evening but doubtful.

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