2 blocks down 16 to go!! :)


After pressing all the rest of the FQ’s i am using in this project as well as the background fabric, I managed to get the first 2 blocks done.

and i forgot to take a picture of the pattern in the book  again, oops!

It is called Harriets Irish Chain variation!

I have cut the darker and lighter fabrics for the blocks into strips and will subcut them to the length i need as i make each block. Also did the same with  the background fabric.

It is an interesting, different and somewhat nerve wracking not to be sewing strip sets, well long ones that is!  But i decided i am liking it after getting the first 2 of the 18 A blocks done.

The quilt has a 1 1/2″ finished grid so the fabric is cut 2 ” wide and then subcut to  whatever size needed depending on the row .

Without further yakking here is the first one i finished tonight.


there is a smidge of uneveness between the 1st and 2nd row on the right,  I think i am going to cut the strips of background just a teeny bit wider, just to the other side of the line on the ruler. I would rather have a bit to trim than have these little indents!

And here is the second block!


and here they are together! don’t they make a nice pair!


Hmmmm, did you notice that the right hand square on the middle row of each block is oriented (fabric design) opposite of all the others?

thats probably because  you add that one little 2″ square on at the end of the row.

i might have to fix that….


I am really pleased with the squareness and correct size of each internal square on these blocks, they turned out perfect ( well almost) LOL  and all the seams nested together very nicely!

so stay tuned, I probably won’t get any sewing done tomorrow night as i have a meeting. but thursday evening i hope to get maybe 3 or 4 done!

I havn’ t really given much thought to giving myself a goal of when to finish , maybe after getting this one finished and thinking about it a bit I can give myself a goal to get the borders, quilting and binding done!

I was going to quilt the first one in the book exactly a s Carrie had done hers, but I saw a quilt today on pinterest that i really like how it was quilted, basically  all done with the walking foot but very effective! Getting very excited to start that part of the journey!

cheers and thanks for dropping by!


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  1. Hi Vicki!
    Just by looking at the project picture in the book, I figured this quilt was going to be a slower going one. No big strips that will carry the load of the quilt blocks. I think your first 2 look great. Your 2 sideways blocks are something that I’m sure my patriotic star quilt was full of. (the quilt I did just before I started this class) Crosswise and lengthwise grains going in all directions! I’m still not sure that I would know to watch for that if I were working with squares cut and pieced alone. I could easily turn them to a side and not notice. I’ll have to pay attention on that one. You at least have a pattern that helps you notice it. I don’t have fabric yet for my baby quilt. I was hoping to go out today. I just finished the table runner/place mats last night. I have run out of fabric budget! I’m moving along too quickly and this is costing a bundle.

    The only reason I have a goal set is so that I don’t forget to keep progressing even if it is much slower. Otherwise, I can let 2 months evaporate and find I didn’t even get up to the sewing room! I did that last fall between setting up and getting the first project done.

    I think it must be common to buy the Vol 1 and then sit on it a bit. It was almost intimidating to get started. Not so bad after I got going, but we both spent more time prepping than needing to, I’m sure! Were you procrastinating? or really using that time? I know I didn’t spend the number of hours working in the sewing room that I do now that I’m quilting!

    I’m really happy to hear of the confidence this year has brought for you. Quilting with friends that have been doing it for years can be intimidating, but sometimes new blood brings better ways! And, when I talked to my mom last week, she was excited she found a quilt pattern for my son’s birthday quilt, but didn’t know how to change the size and figure yardage! So, I’m really happy with what we’ve been learning this year. I think it is a very comprehensive course but presented in such small increments that once we get over the hump of starting, it works! It has convinced me that starting vol. 2 will be worth it.

    Glad to hear you’re enjoying the journey!

  2. thanks Dawn! I think i am going to pick out and turn those two end bits in both blocks. If I hadnt seen them till later It may not have bugged me so much, but now that i know they are there… and i think i am going to repress the seams on each side of row three open to reduce the bulk a bit.
    there are instructions when sewing the rows together to press row 1- 2 seam towards row 1 and row 4-5 seam towards row 5. So Harriet is making us think ( again) lol I checked block B and there are no seams that butt up to the middle 2 seams on block A so it should be okay to press anyway you want. Doing the long strips sets with the fabric cut on crosswise grain we dont really have to worry about flipping blocks, but i think this project will make us both try and keep and eye open for it.

    Yeah and looking back i think i did procrastinate quite a bit before finally diving in to the first quilt and just doing it! It took me a while to find the fabric i wanted for the first quilt too. Once i got it in my head what i wanted to do, well then you can never find exactly whats in your head!! I think it may be better to hit the fabric store with an open mind on a theme or whatever!

    It sounds like you have gained a lot of confidence this past year in your own skills too!

    Hopefully you might be able to find some fabric on sale for the next project to keep those costs down. I am lucky I guess, that there is just DH and i at home now, our 3 boys all grown up and living in various parts of Canada so I pretty much don’t have to worry about it too much. But fabric is mostly around $16.00 a meter here so i look for sales and wait for paydays too . and i don’t smoke or drink (well i have been known to knock back a few) but you know what i mean LOL and i don’t really have any other hobbies, other than cross stitch (havn’t been dong much of that ) so I have some spending money for fabric.

    good luck on the fabric hunt!
    talk to you later!

  3. Isn’t it funny how walking into a fabric store and seeing rows and rows of wonderful fabric causes us to get tunnel vision? You would think we could just pick something that works rather than have such an opinion about it. LOL.

    I’m waiting anxiously for my youngest to finish up school 🙂 He’s going to a private high school that is about 35 mile commute each day. Between being a “growing teenage boy”, tuition and gas, he eats up the budget fast. And, then, there is the college freshman that has his share of help. He doesn’t live here, but we still feel his burden! So, we’re in that stage where they eat and spend more than contribute. LOL.. But, that too shall pass 🙂

    Otherwise, our other outdoor hobbies don’t really cost anything either. We like to bike ride, hike, snowboard, snowshoe… it’s just the fabric runs high at this rate of speed! I did good with selling off excess stuff and that took me a long ways. It’s always like this.. not so busy in the winter creates time but no cash flow, spring/fall is busy with cash flow but NO time! When the economy was bad, I was just staying home. Now that the economy is better, DH has recruited me to help! At least until the boys are free for the summer. I’m committed to keep going even at a snails pace.

    Yeah, I think I know what you mean 😉 … about the drinking smoking thing. LOL. And, with empty nest and a job, you’re set for as much quilting as you can handle! yippee for you! I’m hoping you’ll end up taking a short break between volumes so that I can come in right behind you again 🙂 LOL..

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