Irish Chain Variation- update!


Over the last few days i managed to get the last 8 of   the Block A’s finished for this quilt top!  Yayyyy!

Here they all are, just pinned on the wall in my sewing room!


I finally got a rhythm going on these as they weren’t the usual long strip sets that we have been used of making so far.

but i was able to make short strips sets and chain piece two blocks at a time (just to keep it manageable and not repeat colours)

Each fabric is used twice 9 colours for the outer part of the blocks and 9 for the lighter contrast .

here are the last 8 blocks closeup

DSC_0083 DSC_0086  DSC_0082


so that part is done now on to the irish chain part of it, and i realize i still havn’t taken a picture of the design, will do that tonight, Promise!

I had hoped to head about an hours south last weekend to get some of the solid fabric in this line for the chain fabric but the roads were very bad, lots of snow and ice and just wasn’t a good option. so I got some at my local Fabricland that i thought would work.


It looks good color wise in the picture but it is actually a bit too orangey up next to the red in the fabrics i have. and even though it has a pattern in it the fabric is a bit too solid compared again to the other fabric.

so i ran into the local quilt shop on my lunch today, luckily its only a few blocks from where i work.  so i picked up a bit of this green which has kind of a mottled appearance, which is what I was looking for. very similar to the plain fabric that was in the bundle of fat quarters i used for this.


The green actually looks like it is from the same line of fabric and it shows fairly dark value against most of the colours in the blocks so i think its the one i am going to go with!

so off to the sewing room i go!


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  1. Looking good! The red looked good (picture doesn’t show it orange), but then when I saw the picture of the green, I think you’re right. it looks even better. Nice job! Did you like the process? I’m really enjoying the picking of fabrics and the slower pace of cutting them all.

  2. Yes , the green is working quite well, i got all the strip sets for the nine patch block, which forms the center part of block B, all sewn and cut into segments this evening.
    I did like the process on the first set of blocks , for a couple of reasons…. I find i have an easier time with shorter strips, they seem to press better for me, I also liked all the different fabrics! Most of the other designs in the book used 3 to 5 different fabrics ( if I remember correctly ) and yes it did seem like things were happening at a slower speed .
    I had a bend in my background fabric when i cut my strips tonight so i remembered from early on , to just cut them on the fold and use them, so i did and it worked out fine. shorter strips again too !

    I have put all the other blocks up on my design wall for now, will get a pic of the arrangement and ponder it , perhaps moving things around . so hopefully I will be able to just pop the block B’s into place and sew them together.

    I still struggle a bit with my pressing, I am not sure if my ironing board cover may be a bit to smooth and my fabric can still slip around on it a bit too much.

    anyways , better hit the sack…. 6 am comes early!
    and we have a prayer service tomorrow afternoon, and then the funeral on saturday morning for our friends daughter who was killed last week in a car accident. so I better get some good sleep as its going to be a rough couple of days emotionally.

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