I’m done, I’m Done, I’m Done!!!


Did I mention i was done, piecing all eleven quilts in Quilters Academy Vol 1. Freshman Year.  I finished off the Block b’s in the Irish Chain Variation quilt top earlier today, didn’t even take the time to run up and get my camera 🙂  I didn’t have any real problems with the block B’s….. DSC_0096

This is the only picture i took, saturday afternoon when the strip segments for the nine patch blocks in the center of block b were all ready to sew together.

Then we had to cut strips of background fabric 5 ”  wide and subcut into 2 ”  pieces and sew down the sides of each nine patch block, I did cut mine a smidge more than 5 ” maybe 5 1/8 ”  I decided i would rather trim it to fit rather than have it end up a bit short. That strategy worked just great for me.  and then checked the width of the 9 patch blocks by measuring on the back from edge to edge to get  my unique measurement for cutting the strip sets for the top and bottem rows.  My measurement was within a few threads of 5″  on any that weren’t exactly 5″ so i was good to go!

Strip s cut and sewn together , pressed and ready to subcut when i realized 42″ of fabric would not yield 34   2″ segments? Not sure if that was an error in the book or just Harriets way of making sure we are paying attention.  So i had to cut some more strips to make enough segments for the top and bottem.  I did press the first strip set all wrong, pressed them to the chain fabric instead of the background, so had to repress after they had been cut into 2″ segments.  Not a big deal, just a little time consuming!

Here is a closeup of one of the block B’s (it is in the finished quilt top though) they turned out fine and i love the green!


Then I got all the blocks sewn into rows and pressed ready to be sewn together…..

and here is the finished quilt top! with some closeups below!!!




I’m so excited to get all eleven quilt tops pieced before the one year anniversary of when i started came up on the 7th of April. I know i won’t get them finished, finished by then but one part of the journey is done!

and we are going away the 5th of April for a quick trip to see my oldest granddaughters (she is 6) dance recital!  so i will have the long weekend here at home to get a start on some borders and quilting.

I am going to do a quick recap post in the next day or two so stay tuned if you would like to check out the tops i have been learning to piece over the last year!


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  1. Awesome! Wow, you’ve finished the all the projects and are ready for the next phase that will take a long while and that Harriet manages to put into 1 chpt!
    This chain variation quilt looks lovely. Nice job. I like the green chains.

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