The Journey


I started my journey in really learning to quilt just over a year ago, probably late january when i first heard about and purchased Vol 1 of the Quilters Academy series by Harriet and Carrie Hargrave.  I read, read, and reread everything , made some purchases of gadgets and rulers i needed. got some fabric for the sampler that we learn some of the new techniques on.  I spent some time sewing strips of fabric together to figure out my perfect spot to put my marker to get my seam allowance right so that my units would finish to the proper size…. wasn’t that a journey 😀


I chose  pinks for my sampler. the first thing we learned was sewing strips together accurately, cut them into segments sew together, press properly and then admire! I finished this in March sometime last year, didn’t mark down the exact date though. I also read,and looked at the pictures, instructions and everything in the book again!!  and maybe even once more LOL  also started to think about fabric for the first few projects as well.

Finished April 7th 2012

Carries Woodland Winter I call mine Sundown . First Finish April 7th 2012

I had decided i wanted to do something with horses, and then of course trying to find something that would fit the small  3″ squares was almost impossible, I think it might be better to go in with a nothing particular in mind and then all sorts of options jump out at you, something i didnt really learn till …… Hmmm maybe havn’t got  that one down yet ! It was very exciting to finally get going on the actual quilts, you could chose to do this one or cowboy corral or both which is the way i chose to go.  I enjoyed learning to chain piece the squares into rows and then sew the rows together and presto a quilt top.  I really like this one, probably because its my first , and i really like horses!


Cowboy Corral finished April 21st, I call mine ??? havn’t really come up with a name for this one!

It is basically constructed the same as the first one,  a bit different layout and the blocks were fussy cut.  I had wanted to do a musical one and again had some issues finding the fabric to fit the vision in my head.  I sewed the very bottem row on upside down by mistake and didn’t notice till after i had taken pictures….. so out came the seam ripper and back to the machine I went!

Triple Rail Fence quilt top finished! and more!

Triple rail fence finished April 29th.  no name either!

I made my first mock up of this design, which is basically 3 strips of fabric cut into blocks, but i think there are 5 different fabrics and 2 different strip sets. and a somewhat more complicated layout.   Somewhere between the mock up and the sewing i got 2 fabrics switched up. the small black & white print should have been one of the rails , but the white,black and red beside it got in there instead.  and the third rail was  a bit of a failure as the fabric didn’t work well for it. But i still enjoyed making it and like the end result, its just more like a double rail fence.


Log Cabin finished May 19th 2012

I loved making this one! I really like log cabins and had a great time picking the greens to go with one another. the dark blue center fabric was chosen first because of the green bits in it and the light fabric actually has a blue paisley design on it.  when i get it quilted i will show some closeups of the fabrics.

Then we moved onto learning to cut, sew , press  4 patch blocks  and FAN the Seams!  that was probably one of the coolest things i have learned so far LOL

DSC_0736 DSC_0737

These are my first 4 patch blocks! Finished on June 17th 2012


Carries Country Lanes table runner, finished Aug 17th 2012

Made a mock up of this one, using bits of actual fabric cut to a 1/4 scale, kinda like cutting and pasting back in elementary school LOL

I made this one shorter, as i am not overly fond of the ginormously long table runners , but i used the extra 4 blue/white 4 patches to make a square ….. ummmm thing! like a small table mat or something.  the pointy ends are trimmed off so that the edges are smooth and come to a point at each end.


Harriets Town Square done in Sunflowers finished Sept 30th 2012

I LOVE sunflowers and this is one of my favorites ( I don’t have an overall Fave, they are like my kids , I can’t pick one over the other)

I had some issues with my cutting and I think pressing mostly on this one, wonky edges on the small 4 patches so there was some ripping out and resewing on this one, but in the end I like it.  I got most of the fabric on a trip to edmonton in April, of course i dragged my copy of QA with me so if saw a fabric i liked for one of the projects i would know how much to get.

Then there was the long quiet time where i did some other quilting for christmas etc.

Then back to work


Larger version of Town Square (Asian Nights), I called mine

Shades of Grey, finished Jan 15th 13

This was another project where you could do one or the other or both. so in view of the issues i had with the first one i thought some practice was a good idea.  Still some little issues with the small 4 patches but not as bad as the first one, tried to take it slowly and remember this was not a race!  I hung a sheet on the wall for a design wall, and it helped a lot in the placement o f the blocks for this one.

Then we learned 9 patches



Carries Interlacing Circles finished Jan 31/13

This one combined our new nine patch making skills with rail fence blocks and plain blocks . having the design wall REALLY helped me get this one laid out properly because it would have been pretty easy to mess it up!  I realized at this point i still needed to slow down and enjoy the process, take extra care to cut accurately and to be more gentle while pressing.


Harriets Double nine-patch chain, finished Feb 11/13

I got the fabric for this on a trip through Kamloops in early July when we went to visit my MIL.I originally got an orange for the small 9 patch blocks but it didn’t look that great, wasn’t dark enough. so i just went and got some dark purple instead and am really happy with how this one turned out.  I love the green for the background instead of white or ivory.  I only had problems with the small nine patches, do you see a recurring theme with where i have issues?  yes , so do i!


Carries Inlaid Tile table runner , finished Feb 22/13

I got these fabrics last  fall and made the bonehead move of forgetting a print fabric for the border. TIP: pick a print first and pull the colours out of it instead of the way i did it. I found some but its not 100% perfect but will do, unless i find some before i need to sew the borders on this.  This was our first venture into learning about combined grids and how to measure the first units before cutting the fabric for the second units.  I chose a 4 by 9 block layout for the 36 blocks,  6 by 6 was another option as well. a good way to make this our veryown.


Carries Double Irish Chain Baby Quilt, finished March 5th 2013

Well just whe you think you know what you are doing… you don’t I had a major goof on this one when i sewed all the block A’s wrong entailing the purchase of more fabric to remake 17 of the 18, cause i did one right!!  but in the end i love this little baby quilt.


and last but not least  Harriets Irish Chain variation, finished yesterday march 24th 2013.

Our first scrappy type quilt, and really the first one where most of it wasn’t made from width of the fabric strips.  but i enjoyed the new process and glad i went with green for the chain fabric instead of red!

Well there are actually 12 quilts, I was just going by the cover ,which says 11 projects, I think Town Square/Asian Nights are counted as 1.

so yeah 12 quilt tops and the sampler, which is finished in Volume 2.

I can’t even begin to tell you how much i have learned over the last year and all the dumb mistakes i have made LOL

But i have enjoyed it immensely and am excited to move onto the borders and quilting of all these tops.

I plan to do them in order so will start with Sundown, I have border, backing and batting and a quilting plan in place already for this one.

I have been putting pics of each quilt on my computer as the background on my monitor, and when i am doing something i can gaze at each one and plan what might work for a quilting plan for each one. I currently have plans in place for the first 4 and have the Country Lanes runner on my screen now while i try to get inspired about what to put on it! Having trouble figuring out what i want to do on this one, I probably need to sit down with some machine quilting designs in front of the computer and try to figure it out!

well thats my journey so far I am heading to the sewing room right now to get sundown ready to put the borders on!



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  1. You have had a very productive, fun, colorful year! I can understand why you don’t have a favorite. They are all wonderful and I’m sure each and every one holds a special place in your heart.
    You have a done a great job with this book!
    Now comes a whole new journey… the quilting. It’s like starting all over (hehehehe)
    Enjoy the new adventure. I’ll be following you 🙂

  2. Thanks Dawn! well i have already learned a lesson, and i have only put on the side borders. Quilt top surprisingly even and square! Hmmm go figure. because the border fabric is a directional print i wanted the sides to be the right way up . so cut on lengthwise grain, so far so good. but of course now the quilt top is wider than the width of the fabric so i will have to piece the top and bottem. Accckkkkk! LOL i should have done the top and bottem first and then I would have the length of the fabric to cut the side pieces in one piece per side! You’re right it is like starting over and the learning curve is just as steep as before 🙂

  3. I so enjoyed this recap of your journey. Thank you for sharing the ups and the downs. It is so encouraging. I think it is an amazing year’s work. I like all your quilts, my favorites in this order: Shades of Grey, Log Cabin, Double Irish Chain Baby Quilt, Sunflower Town Square. Oh heck, I just love them ALL. Good job!

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