Ready to Rock and Roll…….


This week I have been starting on the next phase which is the lesson on borders and then the quilting and binding of all the quilt tops made in the last year.  First up is Sundown (Carries Woodland Winter) I dug it out of the cedar chest monday night, pressed and starched it . checked out the chapter on borders and jumped right in! The border is supposed to finish at 5 1/2″ wide and Harriet recommends cutting your borders wider than necessary and trim and square up off of the seamline. Seemed like good advice to me so away I went.

The first thing i did was make sure that the  sides and top and bottem are the same length.  I was lucky on this one, beginners Luck perhaps?

they were all about a 16th of an inch or closer so i didn’t need to do anything,except trim and square the corners and edges.



Measuring the width of the quilt , which was basically 33 1/2 inches square.  I had determined i wanted to cut my borders 7 inches wide, a bit of overkill maybe but oh well!

Naturally i had to have a directional print for my border……. which meant cutting across the fabric for the top and bottem, and lengthwise for the sides. and I liked the look of the sides added first and then the top and bottem.

 First mistake, not thinking things through all the way through… because i had to add about 14″ to the width of the top and bottem I had to piece them. If i had added them first , I could have done it from the 42″ wide fabric no problems and just cut the side pieces 14 inches longer . They were cut on the lengthwise grain and i had lots of fabric.  But I pieced them and they turned out okay.


Sewing on the first border, Yaaaay!!! seemed to take forever to get here LOL  and with both sides sewn on.


Here is a black and white shot of the quilt top with the borders on!

I think there is a good mix of lights , meds and dark values in these fabrics.

Another thing i discovered was the very last bit on borders in the book talked about squaring and trimming borders to the size they need to be, including seam allowances etc.  I think that might have been if you were adding another border ?? not sure but of course the final squaring and trimming is done after it is quilted.  So my border may end up being a smidge smaller than it was intended but i don’ t think that will matter a great deal.

That is where i finished up Tuesday evening, tonight i got to work sandwiching.

First i pressed and starched my background fabric, which is a fabric i used in the railfence blocks.


Then I got it all laid out nice and taut.


layered my quilt batting on the top and smoothed it out nice and flat.


Next was the quilt top, smoothed out and clipped to the edge to hold it and pins and kwik klip ready to go!!


And pinned, the blocks are 3″  so it seemed that one pin per block was a good ratio to use.

DSC_0118  DSC_0119

Then I wound 3 bobbins with the thread i chose , Aurofil 50/2 cotten. in a pale blue , it works well for the backing fabric and most of the  top. I hope that is enough bobbins and i won’t have to wind anymore 🙂


Then i did a test with the fabrics and batting ,  the horizontal line through the horse is with my stitch length set at 3.5 which is what i will use. The blue doesn’t even look too bad on the orangey/yellow fabric. I think i will use an orange or brown thread on top  and the blue in the bobbin when I do the border.  I do have to check the tension again as the top tension has been set fairly loose for the thread i have been piecing with. but the quick look i had everything looked fine, but i will take another look in the morning when I am not so tired 🙂

The last thing i did was to roll up the quilt ready to start…. I just really wanted to try out the nice red clip things i got…..

very disappointing  LOL


I think they will work fine for a larger quilt but not this one.  I may just lay a towel or something on the quilt before rolling it up!! so it will stay in the clips!

so thats where i am at the moment.

Wednesday morning when i opened by livingroom curtain, this is what i saw….. yeah that pile of brown stuff is moose poop!! about 12 feet from the front of my house, the driveway is to the right as you look at the picture and the pile of snow is where we through it when shoveling over the winter.

I could see tracks all around in the snow when i went to work.  and just ahead of where the present is in this pic there was a spot where it was brownish and there was hair in it. so i think Mr. Moose took a nap in my front yard.


and i noticed this when i was out there……. yeah thats more poop and thats my basement window, which is right under my living room .  One slip and i have a moose hoof through the window LOL


I took these when i got home from work wed evening. I guess it was also a couple of houses down the street eating leftover apples off of their tree as well.   I live in a residential area of a city with a population of about 75 to 80,000 people not a rural area. we do have quite a lot of greenbelt area around here though and they connect up to the forested area that is near the Fraser river. this is the third time i have seen a moose in the neighborhood and last fall we watched a really big black bear eating a bag of our garbage on our neighbors front lawn at 1 in the morning!

anyways stay tuned for more quilting, hopefully not more moose…. although i would love to get a pic of him resting in our yard!



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  1. Moose poop and lots of snow! LOL. Guess you still have some winter weather to ride out yet. It’s turning spring like here. Was 69 degrees F yesterday! I’ve been out walking dogs and less quilting time. Plus, it’s Spring Break, and I have 2 kids home.

    Looks like you are progressing nicely. You’ll have to comment on how you like the log roll to quilt by. I didn’t buy any clips and planned on just squishing my quilt under rather than dealing with a stiff log. I think I tried that once when I did my first one, and it didn’t move well for me. So, do comment on your ability to maneuver.

    I think you have to square up corners every time you’re adding another border, but not the last one, as it gets cut off after quilting. But, you DO have to mark where you quilt to, so that it doesn’t get lost in the cut off or binding.

    How exciting, your first project is getting to the finished stage. I guess you decided to finish one quilt at a time? I was thinking I might add borders to all, then go back and quilt each one. Dunno. Have to think some more about it.

    Happy quilting! It’s looking good.

  2. Yeah , it is spring break here, but I don’t have kids in school anymore so no change for me. and its still above 0 degrees celsius right now, so that will give the snow a run for its money!!
    The bit of free motion quilting i have done, only 3 small quilts, I have done like you talk about just puddling it here and there and moving as needed. I decided to try the roll for this one as i am going to quilt it using the walking foot so i thin Harriet talks about this in the Heirloom machine quilting book . Work from the center out, unrolling as you go and then turning it and doing the other side. so i think it will work for that, but seriously this quilt is not that big so i may not even need to roll it. 🙂 I have never tried rolling it so will let you know how that works.
    Yes, I am going to do one quilt at a time from borders to binding!
    I hope to get most of the quilting done tomorrow as its a holiday and NO WORK!!!

    anyways its late and i need to get some shut eye!!


  3. Good job on the borders and prep for quilting. Your moose/bear adventures are very interesting. Thanks for sharing that.:-)

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