Quilting in Progress!


I have been down in the sewing room a fair amount in the last week. Still getting over being sick back near the beginning of the month with a vertigo thing…. gone 6 days without any of the symptoms!! Yay!  Hubby and I did get out of town on the long weekend here in Canada , last weekend. We actually took off the thursday and friday before the weekend as well and went down south to Penticton B.C. where I went to my very first National quilt show! which i enjoyed immensely, met my niece, her mom, 3 friends from here and 2 friends from my old home town there!  We combined the trip with a visit to my MIL as well and then home last sunday , monday was a rest day!! and i needed it LOL

so this week i have been down in the sewing room working on the second quilt that i made from vol. 1 of Quilters Academy.  I got the first narrow border sewn on before going on our little trip and had the wide border cut ready to sew after i got home.


the first thing i did was square up the corners and trim the border to the exact finished width + 1/4″  for the seam! Then i got the wide border sewn and cut to the proper length.

DSC_0312Pinning the border on!


checking to make sure the narrow border finished to the correct width!  Success!

and i remembered this time not to square up and trim the quilt top until after the quilting is done!


All ready to sandwich!

I have always had a design in mind for this quilt since i picked out the fabric…. and that was to somehow quilt musical notes or something along that line on it.  It took me awhile to find the right one, which of course was in a book i had already and not on the internet somewhere, where of course i had spent countless hours looking.. LOL


The design is from Hari Walners book “Continuous-line Quilting Designs” and here it is enlarged to the size i needed and traced onto a piece of quilt and tear ( I thought, more on that in a bit) I think i favour the no marking system for quilting larger designs that don’t need to be precisely placed.

I planned to do 5 rows of this design across the middle (blocks) part of the quilt, with something else on the border.  I used a size 40 polyester variegated thread (black,gold, yellow)and black polyester thread in the bobbin and although not perfect i was quite happy with the results after getting rid of the paper.

DSC_0316  DSC_0318

You can see a bit of the design on the quilt top in the left pic, the right pic is the backing fabric and it doesnt show so well there.

Some things i discovered after the first row

1)  I was’t using Quilt and Tear as i had thought. I was using Stitch and Tear which is quite a bit heavier and meant for applique, or machine embroidery where the stitches would be quite dense and easier to rip out. It took me along time to get the paper ( more like a pellon interfacing) off and the bits out of the stitches.

2) the variegated thread was not the best choice- it shows up well in some spots but not in others.  But that is part of the learning process

3) My machine loves to FMQ with the feeddogs up and stitch length set to 0 !!


I decided to try tracing paper for the next rows.  Found an art supply place that sold tracing paper by the roll and set out to trace the design again.

then i placed three more sheets under that one and ran through the machine (with and old unthreaded needle) and presto 4 sheets ready to go.

I thought about laying out the holey design and using a pounce, but i have read how the markings don’t stay visible , as they wear away quite quickly.

This method worked well for this design, the only problem i had was not being able to see the holes sometimes, especially on the light yellow fabric.

so I did wander off in the wrong direction , twice I think LOL  and of course that meant stopping, cutting the thread , resewing and fiddling with all the thread ends after unpicking the wandering stitches!

Well i have  done 4 of the 5 rows so far and i like this method quite a lot and will use it again on darker coloured fabrics. If there are lighter fabrics i will use the tracing paper but with the lines drawn on the paper and not the holes.

I will try the chalk pounce method at some point as well .

Following the lines is hard! I need to relax my hands more as i found a few times i was pushing my hands flat down on the quilt top and it doesn’t move very freely when you do that.  🙂

the nice thing is once the paper is gone, you cant really tell how badly off you were and the design looks all right!

I have a plan for the space in between the rows of design but will wait and show you instead of babbling on about it now.

so i am heading back down to the sewing room to work on this quilt some more today! Hopefully I will get it finished this week.


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  1. Your finishing up on your Vol 1 quilts is coming along nicely. It was nice that you could find the musical notes in a quilting pattern. Look forward to seeing the finished quilt.

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