Still here!!


I have sort of fallen down on my blogging recently so will try and do a little catch up here!

last post i did i was in the midst of being overun by forest tent caterpillars, they were EVERYWHERE!!!  now they have cocooned and are in the process of emerging as moths, trying to overun the place! but at least they only seem to be really active in the evening and at night around street lights, gas stations etc.   It is quite disgusting the amounts of them, but not surprising!

I have been sewing,  did a dress for one of my granddaughters and a matching dress for her dolly… What grandma can say no when she gets a call from a 6 year old requesting matching dresses!! Not this one thats for sure !!

DSC_0028 DSC_0027

The picture on the left is a closeup of my granddaughters dress, and then a pic of dollies dress.


Of course i had to make my grandson something so he could get a parcel in the mail too! so i whipped him up a little pair of shorts.

These were express posted to them and everyone is happy!! including me because they are finally done!!

I have also been doing a bit of work on my third quilt in Volume one of Quilters Academy.

Triple Rail Fence quilt top finished! and more!

This is the triple rail fence quilt,  a bit of a fail in my fabric placement, i could have switched out a couple and the third rail would have been more apparant. But I think that is all part of the learning process and am not going to beat myself up over it, but i will remember and learn from it 🙂

As of today it is bordered and quilted, just needs binding!

but i had to make my other 6 year old granddaughter a skirt (just needs elastic), her little sister is getting a jumper that a friend made but was too small for whoever she made it for, and i just had to finish it off for youngest granddaughter. and a i made their little brother a pair of shorts from the same fabric as my other grandsons.

pictures to follow.

I also need to sew up some pillowcases for a friends birthday, those should get done tonight ( if i ever get off the darn computer LOL )

so i havn’t been too much of a slacker, but i have also discovered Candy Crush Saga …….. nuff said about that!

one game thats it and then downstairs to the sewing room!!


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