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Still Here!!


Anybody out there who missed me!!  LOL  I havn’t done a post since last summer…. I know I ‘m bad!

Its been a busy 6 or 7 months, with some quilting even being done! Our oldest son Andrew was home for about 6 months ( coincidence that i got no blogging in? I think not ) he was in town working for the Regional Health Authority on a 6 months contract. It was awesome having him here, he has been in Ontario for the last 5 years so we did not see him often (I am out in BC) while he was here he got me hooked on watching the West Wing (still working on that) and a few other shows as well as a few radio podcasts that i listen to regularly now.  He has re-located to Vancouver and is working on his 2nd Masters degree. Not so far away now!

We also took a 2 week vacation out to the maritimes in late aug early sept to see youngest son and his family, who live in New Brunswick. Patrick and his wife have 3 kids, 2 girls 6 and 3 and a little who just turned 2 this past December. we had an awesome time back there, my first trip further east than Ontario and man i just loved it. We took a 5 day drive around, had to take 2 cars as Pats isnt big enough for 7 people 🙂 we went to Halifax, Peggys Cove, among other places. Spent 2 days on PEI, Seriously i could move to PEI at the drop of a hat! Spent lots of quality time with the grandkids, I sure wish they werent so darn far away!

Spent Thanksgiving in Alberta at our middle son Jordans, DH was already up there ( about a 6 hour drive away) and myself and Andrew drove up on the friday after work, had a wonderful weekend with our son Jordan, his wife and their 2 kids. Had a great turkey dinner with some of their friends. did a little shopping, visited a corn maze and had lots of laughs and chatting!

Dh and i were alone this year for christmas, we enjoy playing board games so we do that and not having to cook on christmas day gave us lots of time .Had a wonderful dinner at some friends house, where we also spent New Years Eve playing board games LOL

That is kind of a recap of life in general but i have also been quilting/sewing along in there too.

the first thing i need to catch up on is the quilt i made for my oldest grandson Justin who turned 5 in Aug. I made his older sister and a cousin quilts when they turned 5 (6 weeks apart!) so i decided i would do that for all the grandkids.

I picked a design out of a quilt book of quilts for kids, i would give you the title bur seriously i am upstairs and its downstairs…… not happening this minute LOL  here is a picture of the design in the book. Image

Its basically a rail fence block and a plain block, pretty simple and well within my current skill level.

I chose fabrics similar to those in the book, with truck, diggers etc on them.

Here are all the blocks on my design wall.


a nice white with small black polka dots set off the busy prints nicely and the orange, green and yellow stripes are all either brick or paving stone type prints, which i though went well with trucks and stuff 🙂


This is the finished quilt on Justins bed at thanksgiving, I gave it to him in Aug when they were down for a weekend the week before we went back east. As you can see i used the polka dot fabric to bind it with and did a meandering free motion design on it.


not the best shot to showcase the FMQ, really just a close up


Backed it with some yellow fabric that has hard hats and other workman related things on it!

I have about a year and 3/4 till my grandaughter Ainsley turns 5, in Aug 2015.

I finished off one other project before we went on holiday in August. I had made a table runner out of asian inspired fabrics and finally got it quilted and bound. It now graces the cedar chest in my living room.

Here are some pictures of it:


I just did a cross hatch diagonal quilting design


I pieced the back with the same fabric as the border and some of the scraps from the other fabrics.


Well I hope to get caught up with my blogging and sharing what i have made over the last several months, I am still working away through volume one of Quilters Academy ( 2 years now LOL) and i have started a quilt along with Leah Day on Facebook which will help with my Free motion quilting skills!

I will leave you this evening with a couple of pics!

the first is my 2 grandchildren from Alberta ,. Daphne and Justin when they were here visiting!

Going for a train ride in the park!


the next pic is my youngest son Patrick holding his daughter Venessa 6, Me holding Darren 18 mos  and my DH Dan is holding Ainsley  3 , in the pool on PEI!


have a good day!