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Number two all done


Yippeee!! finished number two of the Volume One (Quilters Academy Series) quilts that i have piecing over the last year or so.

Actually finished it saturday evening and got to work right away on a dress for one of my granddaughters yesterday so this is the first chance i have had to post some pics.

the first one is some of the quilting i did. I did 5 rows of the treble clef design. I had it traced on a long sheet of tracing paper which i pinned on to the quilt and then stitched right through it! worked really well for this as the placement didnt’ need to be exact. I used some of Superior Threads size 40 polyester in a variegated colour ( which if i had it to do over again i wouldn’t use variegated)  really like the thread, the only problem i had was at one point for some reason i had tightened up my top tension…. ?? and i had some shredding , but as soon as i loosed it off , no problems!


In between the 5 rows i did some totally freehand/freemotion musical notes. they turned out not to bad.


On the borders i did a swirly continuous line , that turned out not to bad, if i do say so myself!


the left shot shows the backing i used, I got that fabric at Fabricland many months ago when it was on sale . I used a plain black for the binding , which i machine sewed on.

The right hand pic is one of the corners after it was all washed and dried!  It didn’t get too scrunchy , just a bit!

DSC_0005 DSC_0015

And here it is in all its musical glory laid out on the spare room bed!!


the weather has been good for out door pics but we are in the middle of a pretty severe

Forest Tent Caterpillar invasion! so not laying this outside at all!!

the little buggers are all over my house and have been for 2 weeks, apparantly they like stucco (vinyl siding is next i think.

This picture is one of three trees out by our back fence that have been totally stripped of ALL their leaves.


the two pictures below are the same trees , showing how bare they are.You can see some of the green new growth, but there is NO Leaves at all!


we saved a small tree at the side of our yard when we sprayed with “Sevin” last week.

I wanted to spray the 4th tree in the back this evening but it is too windy.

I hope there are some leaves left tomorrow for me to try and save.

the whole tree is like this! I hope i can get the spray up high enough to get them all!


They are just gross and disgusting!! I don’t mind a caterpillar or three but our whole city is infested this year.  there are great  patches of trees all over the city with no vegetation at all on them.  the caterpillars are all over the roads in some spots and can get quite slippery!

I  hope i didnt gross you out with the caterpillars but misery does love company LOL!

right now i am making a matching dress for my oldest granddaughter Daphne and her dolly! hopefully will have pics later in the week!

cheers and thanks for dropping in!