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Triple Rail Fence quilt Finished!!


And another one bites the dust!!!

The third quilt in the book that i pieced last year was quilted and bound July 11 th, last thursday!


Here it is in all its glory, front on the left and back on the right!

I used a polyester batting on this one, very different from the cotten ones i have used before.

sort of a looser weave and a bit poofier than the cotten 🙂

I like how it turned out with its extra poofiness, no problems , no mistakes doing the borders!

I just did kind of a swirl kinda thing to quilt it. the free motion quilting gets a bit better as i go.


It’s a bit hard to see, ( got to work on my quilt picture taking too!) but you can see some of the quilting in this picture.


Another bit of a close up.

Feeling proud of myself with this one, no bonehead mistakes!!!  LOL

so next up from Volume One of Quilters Academy will be the log cabin table topper! I have a design that i plan to quilt on it. I just need to figure out how i want to mark it on the quilt!

But first i have some other sewing to get done 2 pairs of kids jammies for grandkids. my oldest grandson turns 5 on Aug 12 and my youngest granddaugher turns 3 on the 17th of Aug.  both are cut out just waiting to be sewn!

I also have a table runner that i pieced earlier this year and have sandwiched ready to be machine quilted.

I also made my two oldest grandkids quilts for their 5th birthdays so now i have to make one for little Justins 5th birthday too!

I have a very simple one to do , squares are cut out, strip sets nearly done then i just have to sew it together , sandwich, quilt etc

but at least it has some progress underway!

I also finished a skirt for one of my 6 year old Granddaughters last week. It is called Adorable charm square skirt and is a tutorial from the Missouri Star quilt company.

I used a pack of Lucys Crab Shack charm squares, but didn’t have any of the line in yardage so i found a really cute little green and white plaid that went perfectly with it.

DSC_0033 DSC_0034

Front is on the left, and back on the right, don’t you think the green plaid ( on the waist band and hem) goes well with the other fabrics!

Very quick to sew and it is just so cute!

hopefully i will have some progress on my other projects to show off soon!


Number two all done


Yippeee!! finished number two of the Volume One (Quilters Academy Series) quilts that i have piecing over the last year or so.

Actually finished it saturday evening and got to work right away on a dress for one of my granddaughters yesterday so this is the first chance i have had to post some pics.

the first one is some of the quilting i did. I did 5 rows of the treble clef design. I had it traced on a long sheet of tracing paper which i pinned on to the quilt and then stitched right through it! worked really well for this as the placement didnt’ need to be exact. I used some of Superior Threads size 40 polyester in a variegated colour ( which if i had it to do over again i wouldn’t use variegated)  really like the thread, the only problem i had was at one point for some reason i had tightened up my top tension…. ?? and i had some shredding , but as soon as i loosed it off , no problems!


In between the 5 rows i did some totally freehand/freemotion musical notes. they turned out not to bad.


On the borders i did a swirly continuous line , that turned out not to bad, if i do say so myself!


the left shot shows the backing i used, I got that fabric at Fabricland many months ago when it was on sale . I used a plain black for the binding , which i machine sewed on.

The right hand pic is one of the corners after it was all washed and dried!  It didn’t get too scrunchy , just a bit!

DSC_0005 DSC_0015

And here it is in all its musical glory laid out on the spare room bed!!


the weather has been good for out door pics but we are in the middle of a pretty severe

Forest Tent Caterpillar invasion! so not laying this outside at all!!

the little buggers are all over my house and have been for 2 weeks, apparantly they like stucco (vinyl siding is next i think.

This picture is one of three trees out by our back fence that have been totally stripped of ALL their leaves.


the two pictures below are the same trees , showing how bare they are.You can see some of the green new growth, but there is NO Leaves at all!


we saved a small tree at the side of our yard when we sprayed with “Sevin” last week.

I wanted to spray the 4th tree in the back this evening but it is too windy.

I hope there are some leaves left tomorrow for me to try and save.

the whole tree is like this! I hope i can get the spray up high enough to get them all!


They are just gross and disgusting!! I don’t mind a caterpillar or three but our whole city is infested this year.  there are great  patches of trees all over the city with no vegetation at all on them.  the caterpillars are all over the roads in some spots and can get quite slippery!

I  hope i didnt gross you out with the caterpillars but misery does love company LOL!

right now i am making a matching dress for my oldest granddaughter Daphne and her dolly! hopefully will have pics later in the week!

cheers and thanks for dropping in!

I’m done, I’m Done, I’m Done!!!


Did I mention i was done, piecing all eleven quilts in Quilters Academy Vol 1. Freshman Year.  I finished off the Block b’s in the Irish Chain Variation quilt top earlier today, didn’t even take the time to run up and get my camera 🙂  I didn’t have any real problems with the block B’s….. DSC_0096

This is the only picture i took, saturday afternoon when the strip segments for the nine patch blocks in the center of block b were all ready to sew together.

Then we had to cut strips of background fabric 5 ”  wide and subcut into 2 ”  pieces and sew down the sides of each nine patch block, I did cut mine a smidge more than 5 ” maybe 5 1/8 ”  I decided i would rather trim it to fit rather than have it end up a bit short. That strategy worked just great for me.  and then checked the width of the 9 patch blocks by measuring on the back from edge to edge to get  my unique measurement for cutting the strip sets for the top and bottem rows.  My measurement was within a few threads of 5″  on any that weren’t exactly 5″ so i was good to go!

Strip s cut and sewn together , pressed and ready to subcut when i realized 42″ of fabric would not yield 34   2″ segments? Not sure if that was an error in the book or just Harriets way of making sure we are paying attention.  So i had to cut some more strips to make enough segments for the top and bottem.  I did press the first strip set all wrong, pressed them to the chain fabric instead of the background, so had to repress after they had been cut into 2″ segments.  Not a big deal, just a little time consuming!

Here is a closeup of one of the block B’s (it is in the finished quilt top though) they turned out fine and i love the green!


Then I got all the blocks sewn into rows and pressed ready to be sewn together…..

and here is the finished quilt top! with some closeups below!!!




I’m so excited to get all eleven quilt tops pieced before the one year anniversary of when i started came up on the 7th of April. I know i won’t get them finished, finished by then but one part of the journey is done!

and we are going away the 5th of April for a quick trip to see my oldest granddaughters (she is 6) dance recital!  so i will have the long weekend here at home to get a start on some borders and quilting.

I am going to do a quick recap post in the next day or two so stay tuned if you would like to check out the tops i have been learning to piece over the last year!

Weekend Wrap up


AKA 10 done 8 to go on the Block A’s of the Irish Chain Variation!

Did not do much sewing at all really this weekend , made one block

saturday ,  today  i managed to churn out 7 Block’s .

As I mentioned in an earlier post i am using each dark and light fat quarter fabric twice, mixing and matching so no two blocks are exactly the same.

I find making two at a time with the same darker fabric and two different light fabric works well , I can chain piece some of the short strips together, press and trim at the same time as well. working really well for me.

the seams on the blocks are nesting really well when sewing them together which makes me happy and i am sewing the 2 center seams open as they do not need to next with anything when i sew them together with the B blocks.

the left pic is all the background fabric cut into the 2 x 8 1/2 ” strips for rows 2 and 4 and also the 3 1/2 x 4 1/2″ strips for rows 1 and 5.

to make my 2 blocks i would then cut the darker background strips for each block and then one colour light strips for one block and another light fabric  for the other one.

In the right picture you can see them set our ready for sewing , You can see row 1 and 5 for each block sewn and laid out.  above you can see one block has a very light fabric and the other has a orangey colour as the second colour.

DSC_0075 DSC_0077

Here are the two blocks done.


Here are two more sets of two all finished.

DSC_0080 DSC_0079

And two more all done!


And this is all of them pinned to the wall in my sewing room


When i did the first block of this design i didn’t think i would enjoy doing them very much, and it seemed to take a long time to sew it together.

But figuring out a way to chain piece speeds it up a bit and also just doing them over and over you get somewhat quicker.

Before i came up stairs i cut all the coloured strips for the remaining blocks to length and they are all ready to go. I didn’t do that earlier because i found myself getting confused about which colors i was using with each other LOL

so no cutting tomorrow night after work, supper etc. maybe i can get 4 or 5 done and then we will see.

we are going out for a dinner with friends on Tuesday  after work and not sure how late we will be out.  so maybe no sewing 😦  but Wednesday I don’t have my regular meeting just coffee with a friend and should be able to hit the sewing room afterwards.

I would like to get this done asap as this coming weekend will probably have a funeral to go to and that will not leave me in any shape to wield sharp instruments and sew straight lines and the next weekend will probably be going to my sons ( about a 6 hour drive) for my oldest granddaughters dance recitial, she is 6 year’s old and is doing tap and ballet and its a hoot to go and watch all the kids her age and especially the younger ones who are so darn cute, waving to their parents etc!

so i would like to have this one all pieced before i go away.

oh and Dawn i did not unpick and re sew the pieces of fabric on the first 2 blocks that had the pattern going the opposite direction, It took me a minute or 2 to find them today, so i decided they were not that noticeable after all 🙂

I did press the two center seams open though!

 So far so good on this one! The last piecing lesson in Quilters Academy volume one!!

thanks for stopping by!